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Douglas Newby
Architecturally Significant Homes
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Architecturally Significant Listings

The American Dream by Design

- Douglas Newby

Architecturally Significant Homes for Sale

Because of Your Interest in Aesthetics and Architecture I Look Forward to Representing You

When artisanship was a given, not a rarity, your great grandparents dreamed of square footage. I know you dream of exceptional design: a home that is refined, architecturally pleasing, and is significant in its quality, style, and pedigree; a reflection of you; a home that makes a statement and contributes to the aesthetic landscape of Dallas.

To help you find this home, we specialize in estate homes, architecturally significant, historic and architect designed homes in Dallas, representing real estate in Preston Hollow, Highland Park, Turtle Creek, and the finest neighborhoods in Dallas.

As a sophisticated buyer you desire a home that reflects you. I understand your desire for a significant home and the inventory of the homes for sale or potentially for sale. Call me to see if I should represent you.

- Douglas Newby

Aesthetics is my passion, but I am most known for my transactional expertise that will benefit you and all the participants in the sale. A wide range of prices are featured from the most expensive in Dallas to those affordable to successful executives and professionals. They all have in common lasting value, great locations, and qualities that set them apart from comparably priced homes.

Please call or contact me at any time to discuss the availability of homes designed by your favorite architect, or in your favorite style, and how we would work together for you to obtain the significant home that is right for you.

If You Desire an Architecturally Significant Home You Will Love, Douglas Newby Invites You to Call or Contact Him

No other broker could have handled a transaction of this magnitude and complexity with as much grace, sensitivity and confidentiality.

- Robert Wigley
Trustee of Crespi Estate
Former Vice Chairman E.F. Hutton

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Realtor Douglas Newby provides the insight to ensure you make an inspired purchase.