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Mayflower Estates Neighborhood

Neighborhood of President Bush's New Home

The rolling, winding streets of Mayflower Estates, north of Walnut Hill between Gaywood and Broadmoor Park, include Dallas' largest and most important estates and also many architect designed homes from the 1950s through the early 21st century. The boundaries of this estate neighborhood are Kelsey on the north, Inwood on the west, Walnut Hill on the south and North Dallas Tollway on the east. The quiet and serene setting recalls the feel of an earlier Preston Hollow neighborhood.

Today's New Mayflower Estates Listings and MLS Status Changes

Keep Current with Mayflower Estates Home Market

10290 Gaywood Road Contingent Offer Made

Dallas, Texas 75229
Listing Date: May 12, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
5,678 1.6 1969 5 5
SQ. Feet 5,678
Acres 1.6
Year 1969
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Lot Size

5335 Meaders Lane

Dallas, Texas 75229
Listing Date: October 27, 2020
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
12,612 1.1 2009 4 6
SQ. Feet 12,612
Acres 1.1
Year 2009
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 6
Lot Size

Mayflower Estates Map

Mayflower Estates inside Walnut Hill to Forest Lane. Click on the map and discover homes for sale as you explore this neighborhood.

Are You a Mayflower Estates Homeowner?
You Have Come to the Right Place

If you are considering selling your Mayflower Estates home, we will bring you the best results as we best understand your home and the potential buyers. Call me to see if I should represent you in selling your Mayflower Estates home.

This small Mayflower Estates neighborhood has the largest estate properties in Dallas including the Crespi / Hicks Estate on 25 acres.

There are So Many Reasons Why the Homeowners in Mayflower Estates
Love Their Neighborhood

The finest estate homes in Dallas are located in Mayflower Estates. Here there are also spectacular Texas modern homes sited on creeks and small lakes.

The Best Homes in Mayflower Estates Neighborhood

Crespi Hicks Estate

Significant Estate Home Designed by Architect Maurice Fatio - Crespi Hicks Estate

Architect Maurice Fatio Designed Significant Estate Home Built In 1939

10210 Gaywood Road, 75229

Texas Modern Estate Home Designed by Scott Lyons- 10210 Gaywood Road, Dallas, Texas

Architect Scott Lyons Designed Texas Modern Home in 1963

10160 Gaywood Road

Estate Home Designed by Architect Yoakum & Perkins - 10160 Gaywood Road

Architect Yoakum & Perkins Designed Estate Home

10036 Hollow Way Road

Mid-Century Modern Estate Home Designed by Architect Max M. Sandfield - 10036 Hollow Way Road

Architect Max M. Sandfield Designed Mid-Century Modern Estate Home Built In 1962

10240 Gaywood Road

Texas Modern Estate Home Designed by Architect Scott Lyons - 10240 Gaywood Road

Architect Scott Lyons Designed Texas Modern Estate Home Built In 1983

5848 Colhurst Street

Significant Mid-Century Modern Residence Designed by Architect William Benson - 5848 Colhurst Street

Architect William Benson Designed Significant Mid-Century Modern Residence Built In 1957

The Crespi Estate

Significant French Chateau Estate Home Designed by Architect Maurice Fatio - The Crespi Estate

Architect Maurice Fatio Designed Significant French Chateau Estate Home Built In 1939

10221 Hollow Way Road

Significant Estate Home Designed by Architect Robert Johnson Perry - 10221 Hollow Way Road

Architect Robert Johnson Perry Designed Significant Estate Home Built In 1970

5370 Meaders Lane

Estate Home Designed by Architect Bernbaum Magadini - 5370 Meaders Lane

Architect Bernbaum Magadini Designed Estate Home Built In 2003

10141 Daria Place

George Bush's New Home in Preston Hollow - 10141 Daria Place

George Bush's New Home in Preston Hollow

10010 Gaywood Road

Mid-Century Modern Home Designed by Architect Alfred T. Gilman - 10010 Gaywood Road

Architect Alfred T. Gilman Designed Mid-Century Modern Home Built In 1954

10131 Gaywood Road

Estate Home Designed by Architect Wilson Fuqua - 10131 Gaywood Road

Architect Wilson Fuqua Designed Estate Home Built In 1999

10007 Hollow Way Road

Real Estate Designed by Architect Lucius E. O'Bannon - 10007 Hollow Way Road

Architect Lucius E. O'Bannon Designed Real Estate Built In 1948

10010 Hollow Way Road

Estate Home Designed by Architect John Astin Perkins - 10010 Hollow Way Road

Architect John Astin Perkins Designed Estate Home Built In 1951

10211 Waller Drive

Estate Home Designed by Architect Patrick Ford - 10211 Waller Drive

Architect Patrick Ford Designed Estate Home Built In 2000

Gaywood Home in Mayflower Estates

Residence in Preston Hollow - Gaywood Home in Mayflower Estates

Preston Hollow Residence

10232 Waller Drive

Dallas Home

Home in Dallas

Jason and Signe Smith designed Home in Lakehurst Avenue

Signe and Jason Smith designed Modern Home built in 2014

Signe and Jason Smith designed Modern Home built in 2014

Mayflower Estates is Secluded, Hidden, and Prominent

What a wonderful surprise when you discover a small hidden neighborhood with the largest estate properties and most distinguished and architecturally significant homes on creeks and small lakes that are designed by prominent architects including Maurice FatioPeter MarinoScott LyonsWilson FuquaCole Smith, and Max Sandfield.

Thank you again Douglas for your efficient and friendly work and for that wonderful evening we had.  It makes Dallas look nicer or even nice!

Thank you again and see you soon.
JF Gouedard
President of World Wide Flight Services
Preston Hollow Resident

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