Dines & Kraft

Past Dallas and Texas Architect

The majority of the substantial homes built in what is now known as the Lakewood Conservation District, were designed by Dines & Kraft in the 1920s and 30s. Dines and Kraft was a developer that build spec homes, but since they often used talented architects to design their homes they developed an architectural brand and following. 2627 South Boulevard built in 1921 is a good example of their approach to residences.

Example of Homes Architects Dines & Kraft Designed

Architecturally Significant Dines and Kraft Home in Lakewood

Dines and Kraft 1923 historic home in the Lakewood Conservation District of the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.
The wide porte cochere and balcony porches help define this 1923 historic home by Dines and Kraft in the now Lakewood Conservation District at 6633 Country Club Circle of Dallas.

6633 Country Club Circle, Dallas, Texas

English Style Estate Home Overlooking Lakewood Golf Course – Sold by Douglas Newby

The finest neighborhoods have an anchor of architectural styles and architects. The best neighborhoods also convey a sense of community. The home at 6633 Country Club Circle exemplifies both of these qualities.

Dines and Kraft Designed Homes were Prevalent in Lakewood in the 1920s

6633 Country Club Circle built by Dines and Kraft in 1923, now in the Lakewood Conservation District, Dallas, Texas.
This aerial photograph shows the prominence of 6633 Country Club Circle in the prime position across from the Lakewood Country Club Golf Course.

In the 1920s, Dines and Kraft were responsible for many of the English style estate homes still enjoyed today in the Lakewood Conservation District, including this historic home at 6633 Country Club Circle. This historic and architecturally significant home at 6633 Country Club Circle enjoys the prime position on an island of only 14 significant homes that look across the golf course of Lakewood Country Club to a clear view of downtown Dallas.

5614 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas

2627 South Boulevard, Dallas, Texas