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Turtle Creek/Katy Trail Neighborhoods

Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Turtle Creek Area Neighborhood

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Turtle Creek is best known for its residential highrises overlooking Turtle Creek Boulevard. Less known but extremely coveted are the pocket neighborhoods along Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail. The residents of these neighborhoods of 12 to 70 houses enjoy the sophistication and energy of the commercial districts nearby: Turtle Creek Village, Knox Street, the West Village and the serenity of their well placed and hidden neighborhood along Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail. The homeowners are often high profile, who like to have a lower profile address than Highland Park. The area is rich in architecture. The original homes built in the 1920s were architect designed. New architect designed new homes are interspersed and are of the same scale and quality of the original homes. Small new developments have been discretely tucked along the creek giving owners beautiful views from contemporary spaces. You will enjoy exploring the many possibilities in these neighborhoods with Douglas Newby and Associates.

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Neighborhoods within Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area

Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area is made up of seven smaller neighborhoods inside Turtle Creek Area. Click on the map and discover each specific neighborhood as you explore homes for sale in this area.

Neighborhoods of Katy Trail / Turtle Creek Area

Thank you Doug. You are more artist than real estate agent.  To every degree possible, you create and orchestrate and convey architecture as art for your clients.

Peter Ferris
Turtle Creek Park Homeowner

Doug and Connie, I am sitting here tonight thinking about all that is going on and you two keep coming up in my thoughts. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, advice and friendship during the last months.  I really appreciate your kindness to me and will not forget it.  Dallas is a new step for me and you have allowed me to be crazy and forget a lot of things going on in my life.  You make driving and getting in and out of the car fun….Thank you for everything and know you aren’t through with me yet.  I hope we have years of fun friendship.

Thank you,
Susan Steelman
Turtle Creek Homeowner

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