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National award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby recognizes that the Munger Place historic district is one of the city’s most enjoyable neighborhoods in which to live and offers homes for sale with great value. Munger Place was the first single-family zoned historic district in Dallas. Renovation and new construction augmenting the neighborhood has continued for 40 years. This beautiful neighborhood is now made up of young families and residents of all ages, some who have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years. Munger Place offers the perfect combination of nature and vibrancy just two miles from downtown Dallas.

In this section you will also see photographs of 200 Munger Place homes taken for the centennial of Munger Place. Continue Reading

Munger Place is the origin of my work as a realtor.

-Douglas Newby

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Thank you so much for finding me a home in Dallas. I am very much looking forward to living in Munger Place. I very much appreciate your insight, expertise and sense of humor – you made the whole process go flawlessly.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,
Amy Juraszek, M.D.
Munger Place Homeowner

Fantastic – thanks for all your help on this, Doug! Definitely not the best time or the easiest house to sell, but I think the buyers will be very happy.

John Lindgren
Munger Place Homeowner

Munger Place Historic District Neighborhood – Continued

The Munger Place Historic District has been a truly evolving neighborhood from its original sales contracts with restrictions guaranteeing a “strictly high class residential district”, to the decay of homes being converted to apartments, to its reemergence as a neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places, urban pioneers and young professionals initiated the Munger Place Historic District, the first single-family historic district and first with historic design guidelines in the city of Dallas. Munger Place was also the centerpiece of the 100 block single-family rezoning of Old East Dallas, the demonstration area of the Federal National Mortgage Association’s first inner-city lending program. Every historic home photograph in this section was taken during the week of the 2005 Munger Place Historic Home Tour celebrating the centennial of this historically and architecturally significant neighborhood. These photographs represent 30 years of neighborhood revitalization and restoration in the Munger Place Historic District. Please contact Douglas Newbyat 214.522.1000 to discuss Douglas Newby & Associates representing you as we search and evaluate the best historic home for you.

Dear Doug and Connie,

David and I truly appreciate all that you have done for us. We are so happy with our new home.

The Kents
Munger Place Homeowner