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Architecturally and Historically Significant Homes in Downtown Dallas

Dallas has become the most economically solid city in the country. The city is fortunate to have a good city manager in a city manager form of government, an aesthetically driven city, generous philanthropists who are fully engaged in the future of Dallas, and a business environment that attracts Fortune 100 companies to move to Dallas and entrepreneurs and developers to invest in Dallas ensures Dallas survives.

Now luxury residences in architecturally significant highrises are an integral part of Dallas, complementing the Arts District and business district. Part-time residents of Dallas and those selling their homes in Highland Park, Preston Hollow and Turtle Creek are the homebuyers in downtown Dallas. Continue Reading

Architect Santiago Calatrava designed bridge over the Trinity river. Dallas city skyline seen from southern side of Dallas.
Kennedy Memorial in Dallas with School Book Depository in Background

Lionel Morrison Designed Modern Residence in the Arts District – Sold by Douglas Newby

1717 Arts Plaza #2005, Dallas, Texas
Open Floor Plan in One Arts Residence

1717 Arts Plaza #2005, Dallas, Texas

Lionel Morrison-Designed Residence – Sold by Douglas Newby

This is the best one-bedroom home at One Arts. Beyond the best location, the best site is ultimately what determines the happiness a home provides and its future value. Here, the One Arts building designed by Lionel Morrison, has the best location in the Dallas Arts District. This residence at #2005 has the best site, the sweet spot within One Arts Plaza.

Bespoke Residence in Architect-Designed Building is Rarity

Since Dallas is currently the strongest city in the country, and downtown Dallas is flourishing, it is no wonder hundreds of similar expensive high-rise apartment units are being built. While not quite a commodity, if you do not buy one of these new ubiquitous units, you can always get another similar one nearby. However, this bespoke residence at #2005 One Arts offers a singular opportunity.

Singular Arts District Perfection

First, there are only three one-bedroom residences that face the Arts District at 1717 One Arts Plaza.

Second, you will have the only one-bedroom residence with an enhanced floor plan. Also, you will have the perfectly sited apartment with a deep balcony terrace right next to the iconic protruding square of the exterior design, centered in the top half of the building, blocking the wind when you are sitting on the terrace and enjoying the outdoor fireplace.

Downtown Dallas has progressed from few downtown residences to a broad selection of architecturally significant luxury highrise buildings that have become an important fabric of the city.

-Douglas Newby

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Downtown Dallas Neighborhood – Continued

For several decades downtown Dallas was quietly being abandoned. The only bright spot in the 1970s was Ray Hunt building Reunion Tower. In the 1980s, spectacular office buildings were being erected but downtown residences and retail were nearly non-existent. The hopes, plans, and vision for downtown Dallas is coming to fruition in the 21st century. Now residential modern highrises line the skyscape and modern performance halls and museums anchor the Arts District, benefiting the 5,000 residents living downtown.

Downtown Dallas has once again emerged as a prestigious destination point. There is nothing chimerical about downtown Dallas becoming a vibrant city center. Over the next decade projects will be finished that will transform Dallas beyond our imagination.

One of the voting locations for Dallas elections is at the downtown Dallas public library. The downtown Dallas library has a wonderful research floor with a staff that helps people research and understand Dallas, its architecture and neighborhoods. One knows it’s time to vote by the clock on one of the historic downtown Dallas skyscrapers.