Home on Park and Lake

1116 Bally Mote Drive, Dallas, Texas
Emerald Isle Neighborhood Home

1116 Bally Mote Drive, Dallas, Texas

White Rock Lake Home on East Lawther Drive – Sold by Douglas Newby

This White Rock Lake home sits on Arboretum Point, once the prettiest lake front property owned by the Dallas Arboretum. Now this .53 acre elevated and terraced site becomes the platform for a European inspired home to look over White Rock Lake and across White Rock Park and the wildflower meadows of the hill of Winfrey Point.

Modernity of European Inspired Home

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European Influenced White Rock Lake Home

You will find the grace and warmth of this European inspired home framed by a magnolia tree with a charming wooden bench in front in the small, secluded Emerald Isle neighborhood located between White Rock Lake and the Dallas Arboretum. From the inviting public entrance you will see through the open gated door and on through the wide outdoor hall to White Rock Lake. The view of White Rock Lake only widens as you step through the private front door of the home into the spacious rooms with an abundance of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors that open to terraces and porches that wrap around the home and provide panoramic views of the lake from both the first and second floors.

Architecture That Celebrates Its Site

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Balconies and Porches With a View of Winfrey Point and White Rock Lake

Europeans understand the advantages of bringing nature into the home and pushing the living spaces into nature. Architect David Williams, the godfather of Texas Modernism, understood the benefit of interior rooms extending into exterior terraces, porches, balconies and screened rooms. Here the central corridor of the home is an exterior space protected by the second floor above consisting of the master bedroom and two other bedrooms. This outdoor corridor also connects the large formal rooms and kitchen on the first floor with the two guest bedrooms and informal living area that also overlook the lake. Whether these two additional rooms are used for guests, extended family members or primary family members, every bedroom in the home has a glorious view of the lake and White Rock Park.

A Performance Kitchen Enhances the Home

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Performance Kitchen in Emerald Isle Home

This kitchen with a Bertazzoni stove and cooktop and two dishwashers becomes its own space. It also enjoys a catering door to a side porch which extends its functionality for entertaining. At the same time it does have a view across the dining room into the living room.

Luxury Master Bath and Bedrooms

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Emerald Isle Luxury Master Bathroom

Mirrors divide and surround the master bathroom, maybe to provide even more reflected views of White Rock Lake. Beautiful surfaces, fixtures and an oversized shower create a space as luxurious as the luxury of nature around you.

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White Rock Lake Master Bathroom

The master bedroom steps out on to an extended balcony that looks directly at the lake over the rolling park land.

Informal Rooms and Study

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Living Room Opening to Porches

My friends who grew up in Hawaii and other beautiful environments home told me it was hard to study when close to the beach. It might also be tempting for you just to jump on your bike and ride from your yard directly to the trail or take your kayak to waters’ edge where there is a small landing. Fortunately, here there are also wonderful work spaces, a study, and a wall of bookshelves that will give you a nice environment to work from home.

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Second Floor Informal Living Area Overlooking White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake Home Generates Happiness

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Elevated Porch at White Rock Lake

Good locations come and go, but a site across from or next to a lake, a path, a park, a trail, a forest or botanical garden last forever. The site of this home is next to and across from all of these. Cyclists or runners in the distance are a sign of civilization, the drifting sweet sounds of children playing at the softball diamond on the other side of Winfrey Point give an audible hint of civilization. The secret neighborhood path to the gardens of the Dallas Arboretum provide a more formal brush with culture. The rest of the time you are surrounded by the singing of birds, the rustling of trees and the blue sky or the sun setting on White Rock Lake. I cannot think of a home in Dallas more engaged in nature and other activities.