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-Douglas Newby

You Will Enjoy Discovering the Finest Neighborhoods in Dallas

Real Estate Broker Douglas Newby Will Personally Help You Find Architecturally Significant Homes and the Best Sites in the Finest Dallas Neighborhoods.

Douglas Newby has written extensively on Dallas neighborhoods and is the author of the best-selling book on Dallas neighborhoods. Douglas Newby, a national award-winning realtor, knows more than just the history of a neighborhood. He understands its evolution, its future value, and architecturally significant homes that he will identify and illuminate in each neighborhood. Douglas Newby provides a clear understanding of the positive future of Dallas neighborhoods.


Neighborhoods of Dallas

Highland Park Neighborhood

National award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby highlights the best 20 neighborhoods within Highland Park and brings attention to their nuances, attributes and architecture. Douglas Newby specializes in architecturally significant homes which you will find in abundance in the Highland Park neighborhoods.

Preston Hollow Neighborhood

My mission is to help you to evaluate the aesthetics and value of each Preston Hollow home for sale and the desirability and value of each Preston Hollow site.

Park Cities Neighborhood

When one thinks of the Park Cities, one primarily thinks about University Park. When one thinks of the most elegant neighborhood in Dallas, one thinks about Volk Estates in University Park. The Park Cities is made up of the town of Highland Park, the city of University Park, and SMU.

University Park Neighborhood

The unifying theme of University Park is the excellent Highland Park Independent School District schools. Coupled with University Park’s reputation for safety, parks and tree lined streets, families with young children flock to University Park.

Volk Estates Neighborhood

Volk Estates is often considered the most prestigious neighborhood of Dallas. In University Park, Volk Estates is comprised of architecturally significant homes on estate lots, many of which are over one acre in size.

Greenway Parks Neighborhood

Greenway Parks is the most successful planned development in Dallas. Not only is the plan of shared greenbelts relevant today, but it also attracts the highest quality young buyers. Greenway Parks has the distinction of being designed by architect David Williams, the father of Texas Modernism.

Bluffview Area Neighborhood

Bluffview Area is interesting because it is only five miles to downtown Dallas like University Park and has estate lots the size of those found in Preston Hollow. The topography and winding streets make the neighborhood desirable in a way that is specific to Bluffview.

Turtle Creek Area Neighborhood

Turtle Creek Park is a small, secluded, forested neighborhood of curving streets and hilly topography defined by Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail with Rock Creek running through the middle of this Dallas neighborhood.

Northern Hills Neighborhood

One of Dallas’ favorite niche neighborhoods is surrounded by Highland Park neighborhood on two sides, and the Katy Trail on one side, and Turtle Creek Park, a Dallas Neighborhood, on one side, secluded but enjoying the vibrancy of Dallas.

Place Des Vosges Neighborhood

Place des Vosges is a niche Turtle Creek neighborhood made up of 16 homes that relate to the city with its Turtle Creek and downtown views, and yet its gated courtyard plan protects this Dallas neighborhood from the city.

5323 Swiss Avenue home designed by Hal Thomson shaded by live oak trees in the Swiss Avenue Historic District of Munger Place neighborhood in Dallas.

Swiss Avenue Historic District Neighborhood

Douglas Newby has sold more homes on Swiss Avenue than any other real estate agent or real estate company. Douglas Newby started his business here and continues to sell the finest homes on Swiss Avenue. The earliest homes, built in 1905, in the Swiss Avenue Historic District are found in the original addition of Munger Place, between the Swiss Avenue gates on Fitzhugh and Dumont.

Lakewood Neighborhood

In the late 1920s and 1930s, Lakewood was the grandest neighborhood in Dallas. Prominent oilmen and merchants established this as the most prestigious district in the city.

White Rock Lake Neighborhood

You might decide to join the growing number of families moving to White Rock Lake to raise their children. Maybe you will buy a home overlooking White Rock Lake…

Swiss Avenue / Munger Place Historic Districts Neighborhood

Munger Place, which now comprises the Munger Place Historic District and Swiss Avenue Historic District, was created in 1905 as the finest residence park in the southland. Deed restrictions, uniform setbacks, and the best architects created a neighborhood that is increasingly attractive over 100 years later.

Urban Reserve Neighborhood

You will see here all 50 modern homes in geographic order built in the Urban Reserve neighborhood on Vanguard Way. In addition, you will be able to search MLS for homes for sale in the Urban Reserve neighborhood. For your additional interest, the architect who designed the home has been identified along with the year it was built and the size of the home.

Far North Dallas Neighborhood

North Dallas neighborhoods and the real estate found in North Dallas is exciting because the North Dallas homes that are for sale are of a popular architectural style, are on large lots, and are easily accessible to Downtown Dallas.

36 Braewood Place in Glen Abbey Neighborhood

Glen Abbey Neighborhood

Glen Abbey is one of the last neighborhoods of enormous homes over 10,000 square feet designed by prominent architects. Since 2010 homes over 10,00 square feet have sold for approximately $4,000,000, often half of what the home originally cost to build. For those wanting a very large 10 year old home, Glen Abbey is a good place to find one at an attractive price.

Bent Tree Neighborhood

Bent Tree was developed with the planning concept of the Cloisters of White Rock Lake and the look and the prestige of Highland Park. Between the two in size, Bent Tree was successfully developed as the most prestigious neighborhood in far North Dallas and the home of two very fine golf and county clubs, Bent Tree Country Club and Preston Trail Golf Club.

East Dallas Neighborhood

East Dallas has the greatest number of historic districts and early estate homes in Dallas. The East Dallas area is comprised of the Old East Dallas Neighborhoods, White Rock Lake Neighborhood, Lakewood…

Downtown Dallas Neighborhood

Dallas has become the most economically solid city in the country. The city is fortunate to have a good city manager in a city manager form of government, an aesthetically driven city, generous philanthropists who are fully engaged in the future of Dallas, and a business environment that attracts Fortune 100 companies to move to Dallas and entrepreneurs and developers to invest in Dallas ensures Dallas survives.

Kessler Park Neighborhood

Now Dallas has turned its attention to Trinity Park and Kessler Park’s side of the Trinity River. Kessler Park is only a few minutes from downtown. The development along the Trinity River and the further development of Trinity Park will strengthen the link between Kessler Park and downtown Dallas.

Outside of Dallas Neighborhood

Dallas has driven the success of North Texas. There are many wonderful communities that enjoy the benefits of Dallas but offer specific amenities. In Vaquero at Westlake you will enjoy a private and prestigious gated community built around one of the state’s top golf courses. In Parker you will enjoy the several-acre lots and equestrian feel of this small town. In Cedar Hill you can use your mountain bike to explore the hills and terrain or be close to Joe Pool Lake.

Lake Highlands Neighborhood

Lake Highlands is located in the northeast portion of Dallas and is considered to be a part of East Dallas.

Northwest Dallas Neighborhood

The midcentury neighborhoods west of Midway Road include Highland North, Sparkman Estates, Timberbrook, Midway Hollow and the Disney streets. You will find these neighborhoods between Midway Road on the east, Forest Lane on the north, Webb Chapel Road on the west and Northwest Highway on the south.

Oak Cliff Neighborhood

Oak Cliff is one of the featured neighborhoods found in the Dallas area. Oak Cliff is made up of three smaller neighborhoods inside Oak Cliff.

Lake Cliff Neighborhood

Kessler Woods Neighborhood

Kessler Woods is a small neighborhood that contains only architecturally significant modern homes. It is located adjacent to the historic homes found in Kessler Park.

Front entrance of elevated condominium with private terrace overlooking manicured garden at 5950 Lindenshire Lane, #408, in the Melshire Estates neighborhood of Dallas.

Forest Lane to LBJ Neighborhood

Greenway Crest Neighborhood

Merriman Park-University Manor Neighborhood

Elm Thicket Neighborhood

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Stephen Anderson
Munger Place Homeowner
Dallas neighborhoods are known for their beautiful clean neighborhoods filled with trees, flowers, and good architecture. Many consider Volk Estates the most elegant enclave of estate homes in Dallas. In this Volk Estates video, the origin and history of Volk Estates will be reviewed along with some of its architecturally significant homes.

Douglas Newby in a Dallas neighborhood narrating a video and looking at a shot.
When shooting a video of a neighborhood, I can’t help myself and always want to see the shot. The brilliant videographer that I work with is very patient. Each neighborhood has a different personality – people and architecture.

David Williams Designed Home

6292 Mercedes Avenue, Dallas, Texas

David Williams Originated Texas Modern Style – Sold by Douglas Newby

Architect David Williams originated the Texas Modern Style inspired by Texas and Louisiana indigenous homes. The home at 6292 Mercedes Avenue in Wilshire Heights Neighborhood in Dallas that he designed for Ray McDowell in 1927 is where David Williams jumped off from the blatant Spanish Colonial eclecticism prevalent in the 1920s and designed a more “Texas Colonial” style home reflecting the indigenous qualities of East Texas and Louisiana. As architectural historian Jay C. Henry wrote in his fabulous book, Architecture in Texas 1895-1945, David Williams’ work was further inspired by the colonists led by Stephen Fuller Austin in 1821. David Williams said, “Their comfort demanded a little beauty and a great deal of taste. There is not in any one of these houses built in the Southwest before 1850 an instance of imitation of foreign styles, of sham, of striving for effect, of any use of unnatural, unnecessary ornament or of material not structural and fit for its purpose….Their style is modern, for it satisfies all the requirements of modern design and construction.”

Greenway Parks is currently the most valuable and desired neighborhood in Dallas bringing the highest price for land and homes per square foot. Once one discovers this hidden neighborhood, it is easy to realize the affection it garners. National award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby has continually sold homes in Greenway Parks off the market that have set benchmarks for the neighborhood.

Greenway Parks Dallas Neighborhood YouTube Video

It is always easier to understand a neighborhood when you know the architects that designed the homes.

Dallas Modern Home – Sold by Douglas Newby

5543 Drane Drive, Dallas, Texas
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliding glass door found in Greenway Parks home designed by Max Levy.

5543 Drane Drive, Dallas, Texas – Celebrating Sunlight

Max Levy Architect Designed Modern Home in Greenway Parks
Contact Listing Agent Douglas Newby – Sold by Douglas Newby

Max Levy, FAIA, designed this home to embrace nature. He did this by designing the home to fully enjoy the five large live oak trees on the property and to reflect the greenways and the sense of nature in the neighborhood. Max Levy said that by respecting the trees, he was able to orchestrate a floor plan so that views from the home would be centered on the five live oak trees. The rooftop screen porch in the center of the home creates a treehouse space that enjoys a fireplace and view of the pool and the green of the garden.

Highland Park is the first place people visit when they come to Dallas because of its beautiful neighborhoods. The Katy Trail Corridor of the Fourth Section of Old Highland Park are the blocks adjacent to the Katy Trail, which leads to the best parts of Dallas, and those blocks which are close to SMU. The neighborhood is perfect for those who are intellectual, sporty, and love good architecture.

Douglas Newby Sold Architect Mark Lemmon’s Own Home – An Architecturally Significant Historic Home Preserved with Deed Restrictions

Normandy Cottage by Architect Mark Lemmon
Architect Mark Lemmon Designed Normandy Cottage for Himself

3211 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas

Highland Park, Texas, National Historic Landmark – Sold by Douglas Newby

Many consider this Highland Park home designed by Mark Lemmon to be the most historically significant home in Highland Park and maybe Dallas and North Texas. Richard R. Brettell, the former director of the Dallas Museum of Art and founder of the Dallas Architecture Forum, co-authored with Willis Cecil Winters, FAIA, and former Dallas Parks Director, the book, Crafting Traditions—The Architecture of Mark Lemmon. Edmund P. Pillsbury, the former director of the Kimbell Art Museum and the Meadows Museum, wrote the introduction to this book on Mark Lemmon. Ted Pillsbury wrote that, “Mark Lemmon (1889-1975) was the most important historicist architect of 20th-Century Dallas.”

Here, realtor and neighborhood specialist Douglas Newby identifies 150 distinct neighborhoods in Dallas that have architecturally significant homes. As you know, there are many good Dallas neighborhoods but only a few great ones. We want our clients to know about the great ones. While location has always been considered important in real estate, even more important is a great site. As your real estate broker, we will help you find more than a great location. We will discuss the distinct nuances of the most prestigious neighborhoods and help you determine the finest site that best expresses the attributes of these Dallas neighborhoods.

Client Expresses Appreciation

Douglas Newby I could write a novella extolling your virtues but I know you are a humble person at heart. Suffice it to say that you have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help with this process!

Michael Conrady

Place Des Vosges YouTube Video, a Dallas Neighborhood Combining Vibrancy and Nature

Architect James Langford created a courtyard plan of 16 homes that related to the vibrancy of Downtown Dallas and the nature of Turtle Creek.

Dallas Neighborhood Northern Hills YouTube Video

Northern Hills is a Good Example of a Dallas Niche Neighborhood that Will Continue to Increase in Popularity and Value.

If you are looking for the best home in one of the finest neighborhoods, I am committed to helping you find a home of aesthetic, economic and real value. Contact Douglas Newby at 214.522.1000.

Douglas Newby Writes Huffington Post Article

Crespi Hicks Estate Home

White Rock Lake Estate Home

4211 West Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas
Splendid Views of Acreage and White Rock Lake

4211 West Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas

Estate Property on 3.95 Acres – Sold by Douglas Newby

Architect Ted Larson, contractor Randy Clowdus and landscape architect David Hocker renovated and created this spectacular home and landscape design. On nearly four acres, the most beautiful elevated point of White Rock Lake with 356 feet of frontage, you will find this 1936 renovated estate home. The talents of architect Ted Larson, contractor Randy Clowdus, and landscape architect David Hocker are showcased in this remarkable estate property offered for sale.

White Rock Lake is the best known spot in Dallas and the best kept secret.

-Douglas Newby

YouTube video of White Rock Lake

Turtle Creek Park Dallas Neighborhood Framed By Creeks and Trails

Many in Dallas consider Turtle Creek Park their favorite Dallas neighborhood of architecturally significant homes. This small Dallas neighborhood of just 34 homes is close to the most vibrant retail and restaurant areas of Dallas and secluded by Turtle Creek, Rock Creek, and the Katy Trail.

Places des Vosges Dallas Neighborhood Home – Sold

3901 Turtle Creek Boulevard #1, Dallas, Texas
Views From #1 Place des Vosges

3901 Turtle Creek Boulevard #1, Dallas, Texas

The Architectural Centerpiece of Places Des Vosges – Sold by Douglas Newby

Architect James Langford designed the architecturally significant urban neighborhood around #1 Place des Vosges. The triangular plan of the grouped homes on the perimeter warmly embrace the interior common area of green space and #1 Place des Vosges, positioned to enjoy the visual axis to the parks of Turtle Creek and downtown Dallas.

Northern Hills Dallas Neighborhood Home – Sold

Turtle Creek Park Dallas Neighborhood Home

Turtle Creek Real Estate

We all know modern homes that have straight lines and sharp edges but they are tricky and ever contrived. This home has a simple shape, its design submits to the site and the exterior materials are honest and straight-forward – concrete, steel, stucco, glass and teak.

I offer the finest homes and represent clients with the greatest understanding of aesthetics, architecture, and design. Please call me to see if I should represent you.

-Douglas Newby

I look forward to discussing your search for a significant home, whether it is a new architect designed home or a highland park historic home, Preston Hollow estate home, or an architectually significant home in one of the finest Dallas neighobrhoods.

Discover Mayflower Estates, A Small Dallas Neighborhood
With Largest Estate Properties in Dallas

Some of the most desirable Dallas neighborhoods are virtually unknown except to those with the finest taste, most access, and familiarity with the best Dallas has to offer. Mayflower Estates include the Crespi-Hicks estate and several other architecturally significant estates homes I have sold in this Dallas neighborhood.

Armstrong Parkway Traverses Highland Park Neighborhoods

Traveling down Armstrong Parkway, one is sure to notice the imposing grace of the Highland Park estate homes facing the tree lined boulevard. Here you will see architecturally significant homes designed by architects who also design homes in the best Dallas neighborhood.

Douglas Newby Has an Advantage in Predicting the Direction of Each Neighborhood

Because I have studied Dallas neighborhoods, written about Dallas historic neighborhoods, produced and wrote A Guide To The Older Neighborhoods of Dallas and have organized and sponsored many historic neighborhood home tours, I will be best able to assist you. Working closely with architects selecting sites for their clients makes me keenly aware of lots that can accentuate the architecture of a home.

A Site, A Neighborhood, and a Home is Your Greatest Design Decision

All of us at Douglas Newby & Associates are sensitive to the preferred locations and the nuances of each Highland Park and Dallas neighborhood. We recognize a home and its site is your greatest design decision.

Mr. Newby, I heard you on 90.1 yesterday and found it very interesting to discover some new things about the city I grew up in.  I would encourage you to continue to visit with KERA because there was no shortage of callers or interest in what you had to say.  Thank you for making Dallas ever-more interesting and intriguing.

Andrew Kippen