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Dallas Architects and International Architects

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Selecting the Right Architect For Your Home Creates Value

One of the Many Ways I Help my Clients as a Real Estate Agent

The two of the most important things for you as a buyer is to evaluate the architecture of a home and the site of a home. The architecture must respond to your specific needs and aesthetic taste. A site must be able to offer you the most enjoyment and be the best investment.

Douglas Newby Discusses with David Sutherland His Preston Hollow Modern Home Designed by Lionel Morrison

David Sutherland and his wife Ann are the owners of one of the top design studios in the country offering outdoor and indoor furniture and many other collections. They are also perfect clients and collaborators for award winning modern architect Lionel Morrison, FAIA, at their new Dallas architecturally significant modern home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood. David Sutherland discusses with Douglas Newby the concept of this modern home, the second modern estate home that Lionel Morrison has designed for them that includes their influence.

We Will Help You Determine the Best Architect and Site For Your
New Modern Home or Estate Home

Helping you determine the best architecture and the best site is one way we benefit our clients. Really good architecture will enhance your personal enjoyment of the home and the superior design will enhance your investment when the time comes to sell the home. The specific site it more important than a general location. The real estate saying Location, Location, Location is responding to the general prices of current areas considered desirable. A specific site within a location determines the quality of investment and enjoyment of the property. The inferior sites of good locations are generally over-priced and the best sites of a good location are generally under-priced. If you decide you would like me to represent you, we will discuss the best architecture and the best sites that are available or could possibly be available. If you are looking for acreage or a building site, we can review the most talented architects who might be a good fit for you in both approach and design.

This section was developed to give you a brief overview of the architecture, architects and architectural styles you will find in Highland Park, University Park and Dallas, Texas.

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Practicing Architects

Past Architects

Your letter made me think about the few houses I designed in my 42 year career as a practicing architect.  Their few design attributes have long been horribly abused by successive owners.  It is good to know you are still locating and marketing the houses designed by the better breed of Dallas architects.

All the best,
David Braden, FAIA
Turtle Creek High Rise Homeowner
Dallas Architect

Search MLS for Architect Designed Homes

Sometimes the realtor will mention when a home is designed by an architect when adding a listing the MLS. You use the link below to find those homes in the MLS. To find architect designed homes not added or mentioned in the MLS, you can contact Realtor Douglas Newby who will help you discover and purchase an architect designed home.

Discover Architect Designed Modern Homes

Dallas has many modern, Texas modern, and mid-century modern homes designed by some of the best architects in the country. You can find these homes by either searching the MLS or by contacting Realtor Douglas Newby who will help you find and purchase an architect designed modern home.

Interior Designers and Landscape Architects

Belatedly, but with deep gratitude, thank you for the most knowledgeable presentation and hosting of the AIA Dallas' May Chapter Meeting. Thank you for arranging the use of the beautiful Edward Durell Stone home and your guidance on how the evening would unfold. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the venue and the historical background that you provided. The guests of honor from Preservation Dallas and The Dallas Architecture Forum were awed by the entire event."

We could not have done this without your kindness and mentorship. On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Members and the Staff of AIA, Dallas, thank you.

- Carolyn B. Newsom
Executive Director, AIA Dallas

Dallas Architects and International Architects - Continued

Dallas Architects: As a realtor helping clients buy and sell architect designed homes we see Dallas has a rich history of architecture. Dallas patrons commissioned the most important architects from the East Coast, West Coast and the Midwest to design homes, and retained Dallas and Texas architects who incorporate the indigenous qualities of the region into their modern designs. The influence of these architects in Dallas can most easily be divided into three categories: Modern, Texas Modern and Eclectic. For over 100 years Dallas was a vibrant growing city with unlimited space, which allowed Dallas architects ample opportunity to pursue their art. Here you will find a brief profile of some of the architects who have made an impact on Dallas. See featured architect designed homes offered for sale.

The wealth of good architecture in Dallas comes from the influences and interaction of Dallas architects exploring European traditions and early twentieth century interpretations of eclectic style; Dallas architects who draw from indigenous Texas design and materials; Dallas architects that design in a contemporary style that utilizes Texas materials, but is less regional in its point of view; and architects with a national and international reputation who explore their design ideas in Dallas.

Doug - Your glossary of Dallas regional architects is wonderful.  Job well done.

-Daniel Jones Cooper

I offer the finest homes and represent clients with the greatest understanding of aesthetics, architecture and design. Please call me to see if I should represent you.

- Douglas Newby

Dallas Architect Understands Modern

This modern home offered for sale at $1,345,000 provides a wonderful opportunity to own a home you will immensely enjoy. Architect Joshua Nimmo understands modern architecture and how to design a home that is visually appealing and one you will love living in.

National award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby knows the most about Dallas.