O’Neil Ford, Dallas Architect

Past Dallas and Texas Architect

O’Neil Ford first came to Dallas to work with David Williams, who was determined to establish a style that merged the modernism of Europe with the indigenous qualities of the early pioneer houses of Texas. O’Neil Ford quickly became the darling of Dallas spending his energies at night at balls with debutantes and his days working with the most original architects and artists in Dallas. O’Neil Ford became the grandfather of Texas Modernism spurring generations of future architects who reinterpret this architectural approach. O’Neil Ford designed his first project as a studio for Jerry Bywaters in 1929 and designed the Haggerty/Hanley home in Dallas before he left for San Antonio in 1957.

Example of Homes Architect O’Neil Ford Designed

O’Neil Ford Designed Texas Modern

3514 Rock Creek Drive, Dallas, Texas
Modern Home in Turtle Creek Park

3514 Rock Creek Drive, Dallas, Texas

Turtle Creek Park Home – Sold by Douglas Newby

O’Neil Ford was brilliant when it came to selecting sites for the homes he designed. Here, O’Neil Ford selected the top of the hill in Turtle Creek Park, alongside Rock Creek. This site enjoyed splendid views of the forested Rock Creek as it makes its way down to join Turtle Creek.

Elevated rooms of multi-paned windows and doors

Architect O’Neil Ford Designed Texas Modern Home in Turtle Creek Corridor
Architect O’Neil Ford Designed Texas Modern Home in Turtle Creek Corridor

A person walks up to the front door of the 4,100 sf home and proceeds past the entry hall to the living room with three walls of glass. Because of the dramatic grade of the lot you are now essentially looking over the back yard and garden from a two-story elevation. The expansive, elevated terrace becomes a daily living space as it is accessible from the formal and informal living areas and kitchen.

5455 Northbrook Drive, Dallas, Texas

Haggerty / Hanley Home

This complex house on a difficult site of trees and stone ledges is known for its simple lines, serene views and beautiful craftsmanship. O’Neil Ford, at his best, designed this home with Texas materials, hand carving and the continuation of a folk quality that permeates his homes.

4715 Watauga Road, Dallas, Texas

The Jerry Bywaters Studio faithfully conveyed the early Texas homes that David Williams and O’Neil Ford so faithfully sketched as an inspiration for the Texas modern architecture. This Texas landmark remained intact and unaltered for 75 years before it was town down to make room for a new home.

3201 Wendover Road, Dallas, Texas

Lakewood Texas Modern Home

Arch Swank and O’Neil Ford designed this architecturally significant home in 1939 for the Brombergs who lived in the home for 60 years. You can see references of earlier David Williams and O’Neil Ford homes in the carvings, railings, doors, ceilings and screened-in porches with fireplaces. Originally, the home was built on several acres.

3756 Armstrong Avenue, Dallas, Texas

5311 Falls Road, Dallas, Texas

6342 Mercedes Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3625 Amherst Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3615 Amherst Avenue, Dallas, Texas

5366 Montrose Drive, Dallas, Texas

Turtle Creek Park

O’Neil Ford, in 1936, designed his first major modern home – the international architectural link between the Texas modern homes of his mentor David Williams and award-winning architects Lake Flato and Frank Welch today. You will find this home at 3514 Rock Creek on the finest lot in Turtle Creek Park. For the last 40 years the home has been kept in pristine condition by the most prominent engineer in Texas. Hidden, private and sublime this significant and historic home welcomes modern furniture and Texas grace – one of the true great homes.