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Swiss Avenue Home Designed by C.W. Bulger & Son
5105 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas

This Italian Renaissance style home designed by C.W. Bulger & Son has long been a favorite home on Swiss Avenue and in Dallas. The home at 5105 Swiss Avenue is on a block of the Swiss Avenue boulevard that is made up of some of the most important architecturally significant homes on the street. Elaborate vast gardens create an environment you would never guess is only two miles from the Dallas Arts District in downtown Dallas.

Over the years many people consistently identified this architecturally significant home as their favorite on the street. The Swiss Avenue boulevard is the only street in Dallas people will stroll down or drive down, looking at the houses as if they were walking through an art gallery. Each home is architecturally distinctive and creates an unsurpassed 20th century body of work.

Architecturally Significant Home on Swiss Avenue Boulevard
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