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Architecturally Significant Homes
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If you are interested in art, architecture, design and the aesthetic fabric of Dallas, you have come to the right place. Your interest is our passion.

Douglas Newby, Specializing In,
Architecturally Significant
Homes, Modern, Historic,
and Dallas Estate Homes

If you are interested in art, architecture, design
and the aesthetic fabric of Dallas, you have come
to the right place. Your interest is my passion.

Representing Buyers and Sellers: Architecturally Significant Homes

Douglas Newby continually helps buyers and sellers that are purchasing and selling architecturally significant homes outperform the market. Douglas Newby sees the true value of neighborhoods, sites, and homes, and is effective in changing perception and accelerating momentum, raising the worth of neighborhoods and homes.

Call Douglas Newby to learn about case studies and examples.

TEDxTalk by Douglas Newby

Douglas Newby explores intrinsic characteristics of homes that make us happy.

Volk Estates – Featured Dallas Neighborhood Video

Dallas neighborhoods are judged by the best Dallas neighborhoods. Volk Estates in University Park is a fabulous Dallas example of a beautiful neighborhood of architecturally significant homes surrounded by nature.

Max Levy Architect Designed Greenway Parks Modern Home Not in MLS Sold by Award Winning Realtor Douglas Newby

Douglas Newby Discusses with David Sutherland His Preston Hollow Modern Home Designed by Lionel Morrison

David Sutherland and his wife Ann are the owners of one of the top design studios in the country offering outdoor and indoor furniture and many other collections. They are also perfect clients and collaborators for award winning modern architect Lionel Morrison, FAIA, at their new Dallas architecturally significant modern home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood. David Sutherland discusses with Douglas Newby the concept of this modern home, the second modern estate home that Lionel Morrison has designed for them that includes their influence.

Architect David Williams Architecturally Significant Home - Sale Pending

Douglas Newby is an insider guide at the intersection of art, architecture, neighborhoods and community.

Greenway Parks expresses Organic Urbanism

The Mission of Douglas Newby and Architecturally Significant Homes

National award-winning realtor Douglas Newby identifies and illuminates architecturally significant homes and the potential inventory of architecturally significant homes.Douglas Newby’s favorites are those architecturally significant homes that make the homeowners happy living, working and playing in the home, and that are on the best sites in the finest neighborhoods.

Our mission is to help clients like you, home buyers, who are passionate about design and their environment buy or build a home that contributes to the community, is an aesthetic example for future architectural projects, and is a home that reflects your personality and purpose. Whether you are looking for an estate home, an architecturally significant home, or an architect designed modern home, we will assist you in identifying the significant home that is meant for you and help you acquire that home at the best price in the best way. This site is designed to be your introductory resource for Dallas neighborhoods and architecture. Your call is welcome so together we can discuss and interpret the nuance of the market, the potential inventory of significant homes, and develop a strategy to ensure you find a home you love that has real value.

I offer the finest homes and represent clients with the greatest understanding of aesthetics, architecture, and design. Please call me to see if I should represent you.

If You Desire an Architecturally Significant Home You Will Love, Douglas Newby Invites You to Call or Contact Him

Architecture as Art

Significant Homes, Dallas Estate Homes, Modern Homes, Architect Designed Homes

You recognize good architecture as art and we want to help you discover the architecturally significant homes, estate homes and modern homes in Dallas’s finest neighborhoods where you can find architecture that is art. Cognizant that time is your most precious commodity, we will efficiently review the entire on-market and off-market inventory of homes you appreciate and seek, homes of real value.

A note of thanks for a most civilized experience ... our recent home sale was conducted with such efficiency, discretion, and geniality that we know that our buyers were as pleased with the ease of the sale/purchase process as we. Your marketing of our home with such sensitivity to the particular merits of our property and of our neighborhood led to a surplus of potential buyers at the end --- a very rewarding experience! In our 30 years of buying and selling homes in three states, never have we enjoyed such confidence in our realtor nor worried so little about the eventual successful outcome.

It is an additional satisfaction to know how well you have matched our beloved home with its new owners.

- James and Patricia Shinn
Director of Dallas International Affairs
Turtle Creek Park Homeowner

National Award Winning Realtor Douglas Newby discovers, rediscovers, and reinterprets the potential inventory of architecturally significant homes.
Here a Parisian modern art gallery approaches art - discovering artists, rediscovering artists and reinterpreting artists in the same way I approach architecture - discovering, rediscovering and reinterpreting significant homes.

My Favorite Introduction of Douglas Newby - Delivered by Mary Vernon

Introducing Doug Newby to Town and Gown is like going into Sherwood Forest in the old days and introducing Robin Hood to his own merry band. We all know Doug Newby so well as leader and prankster, as the serious questioner and the defender of neighborhoods, as a figure of fashion, and as a friend.

What a Treat to be Introduced by Mary Vernon

What a treat to be introduced by Mary Vernon as the speaker at an SMU Town and Gown Meeting. Mary Vernon is a legend at SMU as a professor and as a splendid artist collected by sophisticated patrons and museums. She is the past President of the SMU Faculty Senate, Chair of the SMU Art Department, and past President of SMU Town and Gown. Most importantly, she is a friend I greatly admire and who can pack much information and insight into a few humorous paragraphs. Thank you, Mary!

Douglas Newby Insights on Instagram

On Douglas Newby Instagram you can see and read how Douglas Newby interprets Dallas, homes, real estate, and the ongoing evolution of Dallas neighborhoods. You will also see his recommendations and suggestions for making Dallas the best city in the country by looking at his Instagram or Dallas Architecture Blog.

Client Testimonial

Douglas Newby I could write a novella extolling your virtues but I know you are a humble person at heart. Suffice it to say that you have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help with this process!

-Michael Conrady

Douglas Newby Insights on Dallas Architecture Blog

Listen to an Insiders Look at Dallas

Hear Douglas Newby on the podcast Deconstructing Dallas make the case that Trinity Groves in Dallas would make a great home for Amazon HQ2.

Architecturally Significant - Another Look

I’ve worked with the best real estate brokers across the country all my life, when it comes to the best Dallas residential real estate broker, I think who else is there but Douglas Newby? Thank you for all your extraordinary efforts. You are a superb negotiator.

-George Watson
Real Estate Investor
Preston Hollow Homeowner

Dallas Neighborhoods of Significant Architecture

Highland Park Real Estate, Preston Hollow Real Estate, and other Prestigious Neighborhoods

You will benefit from our specialty of architecturally significant, historic, estate and architect designed homes in Dallas and its finest neighborhoods, representing real estate: Preston Hollow, Highland Park, Turtle Creek, Greenway Parks, Volk Estates, Bluffview, University Park, Mayflower Estates, Lakewood, Swiss Avenue, White Rock Lake, Munger Place, Park Cities, Bent Tree; and further benefiting you by recognizing and understanding good design and Dallas estate homes by Dallas' best architects.

Dallas, a YouTube Look at Architecturally Significant Homes and Neighborhoods

Dallas, a City of Prosperity, Culture, and Character

Art, Architecture, and History

It’s to your advanage to have a Dallas real estate broker knowledgeable, experienced and keenly interested in art, architecture, history, and the character and well being of Dallas. I understand the past and future of Dallas, a city with a river park larger than the city of San Francisco, with two mile-long, skyscraper high Calatrava bridges connecting modern mixed-use development on both sides of the city, a cultural district bringing international acclaim and a city of distinct neighborhoods, historically significant homes, refined residences, Dallas modern homes, mid century homes, distinguished estate homes, Dallas historic homes and homes of architectural significance. Whether relocation takes you to Dallas or you are already a Dallas resident, Call me to see if I should represent you when you are looking for or selling an architecturally significant home or a dramatic building site desired by Dallas' best architects. I understand a home is your greatest design decision.

See more articles on architecturally significant homes by Douglas Newby on significant homes, real estate and architecture and articles about Douglas Newby or where Douglas Newby is quoted on significant homes and architecture.

Dallas Architecture Blog.

Dear Mr. Newby,

I enjoy referencing your website in my continued journey in learning about both historical and modern residential architecture in Dallas.  Your photography on the site is exquisite, and your eye for detail is certainly recognized….Thanks for all you do to promote the recognition of architecturally significant structures and the field of architectural and interior design.

-Jan Parker, FASID
Director of the School of Interior Design
The Art Institute of Dallas

Crespi Hicks Estate

As discussed on the Huffington Post, the Crespi / Hicks Estate has been identified as, "The Finest Estate Home in America Found".

Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services

Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

Top 5 Inspired Homes to Shelter in Place, Fall 2020

Shelter in place makes us think about homes in a new way and appreciate homes in a fresh way. These homes have been selected as the top five inspired homes to shelter in place because they all make staying at home a treat not a trial. Important architects designed all these shelter in place top five homes; however, they range from modern to traditional, Texas modern to historic in style. The common denominator is that they are immersed in nature and surrounded by vibrancy. During shelter in place these five homes are perfect for living, working, and playing in the home. What makes us happy is found in these top five inspired homes to shelter in place.

After retaining Douglas Newby, in a few hours, you will save 100 hours on unproductive searches.