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Architecturally Significant Homes
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Architecturally Significant Homes

Homes Impact Our Lives

- Douglas Newby

Featured Architecturally Significant Home

Some architecturally significant homes are substantial in size designed by important architects on several acre estate lots. Other architecturally significant homes might be smaller Midcentury Modern homes designed by talented architects. I have chosen to feature this Normandy style cottage on the Architecturally Significant Home section because it was designed by Mark Lemmon who many have called the most important 20th century historicist architect in Dallas. This early cottage style might have influenced the architectural style of popular neighborhoods nearby. Mark Lemmon designed this home for himself and his family which gives this home added importance. In addition, its importance is accentuated by being across the street from architecturally significant buildings and churches he designed on the SMU campus. It also provides an important historical context to Mark Lemmon as an architect, to SMU as a university, and to Dallas as a city.

Top 100 Architecturally Significant Homes List

Dallas has the Best Collection of 20th and 21st Century Homes in the United States

Living in an architecturally significant home may not cost more but it sure feels better. We want to help you find and purchase a home of good design, one that is aesthetically pleasing, architecturally important, and has enduring value. To further acquaint you with homes of distinction, styles that are expressive, and homes that enhance your investment, we have created a section of architecturally significant homes, architect designed properties, and architecturally important Dallas estate homes by internationally and regionally recognized architects.

Video of Crespi Hicks Estate Property

View of a Hallway in the Crespi Hicks Estate Home Showcasing Beautiful Chandeliers

When you review architecturally significant homes, I invite you to look at them as I do, through the lens of the Crespi/Hicks estate, designed by Maurice Fatio, the original architect in 1939, and Peter Marino, the 21st century renovation architect. This architecturally significant home found in Preston Hollow resonates with modern and eclectic architects because of its proportions, purity, site and grace. It reflects many of the best characteristics of the other homes in this section. A home is your greatest design decision so please contactDouglas Newbyat 214.522.1000 to discuss Douglas Newby & Associates helping you evaluate the special assets and importance of your home. See featured architecturally significant homes offered for sale.

The 50 Significant Homes project identifying the most architecturally significant homes in Dallas, I consider the year's most important project. Thank you for coordinating this effort.

- Deedie Rose
Past President of Board of Trustees, Dallas Museum of Art

Anton Korn Architecturally Significant Home

"Homes of Lasting Significance"

October 16, 2004 Preservation Dallas Tour:

There is an opportunity to see seven of the Dallas, 50 Significant Homes established by the Dallas Chapter of the American Association of Architects to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 1996. Click here to continue

Dallas, America's Twentieth Century City- Architecturally Significant Homes

Dallas has the most significant collection of twentieth century homes in the world with architectural styles and movements represented from every decade.

- Douglas Newby

Architecturally Significant Homes

Residential Real Estate Construction, Planning, Consultation

Architecturally Significant Homes has been instrumental and involved in building architect-designed homes since 1981. Most recently in 2021, Architecturally Significant Homes has helped organize and consulted on the most important architecturally significant home being designed in Highland Park. Douglas Newby of Architecturally Significant Homes is an excellent resource, as he has consulted and drawn up residential development plans from locations like Chapel Hill at White Rock Lake to the Crespi Estates in the Mayflower Estates neighborhood in the Preston Hollow area. The Crespi Estates development plan was created by Architecturally Significant Homes in which 22 acres were to be divided into five multi-acre estate lots to accommodate architect-designed estate homes. One of the services provided by Douglas Newby at Architecturally Significant Homes is to determine the best residential site for the building of a new home and helping create a plan that will enhance a home that people will enjoy.

A close relationship with vendors that provide components that help create architecturally significant homes like Heath Tile, Waterworks and Ludowici Tile helps create homes clients will love living in. Architecturally Significant Homes emphasizes all the components and steps to create an architecturally significant home. It is more than just the architecture. It is a home that relates to the site and neighborhood, the surrounding homes, the city, the region, the client, and the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Douglas Newby is the Nation's #1 Realtor for Architecturally Significant Homes.