Munger Place Home for Sale

5012 Junius Street, Dallas, Texas
Munger Place Real Estate

5012 Junius Street, Dallas, Texas

One of the Finest Homes in Historic District – Sold by Douglas Newby

This Munger Place home received the Restoration House of the Year Award when it was first restored by a founder of Preservation Dallas. Recently, it has been further renovated by its current owners who are in the design industry, including a new kitchen. Beautiful front doors open to the wrap-around porch in a neighborhood known for its front porch atmosphere and neighborhood collegiality.

Munger Place Historic District

Munger Place was the first single-family historic district in the city. This neighborhood is in the center of vibrant Old East Dallas neighborhoods, and it is surrounded by three other historic districts: Jefferson Peak Historic District, Junius Heights Historic District, and Swiss Avenue Historic District.

Fabulous Location of Neighborhood

One could argue Munger Place is the best located close-in Dallas neighborhood in the city. With a view of the Dallas skyline, this tree-lined neighborhood is only 25 blocks from the Arts District, 10 blocks fromLakewood Shopping Center, 8 blocks from Henderson Avenue and Greenville Avenue, only 4 blocks from family owned restaurants and markets on Bryan Street and just 2 blocks from the Santa Fe Trail that leads to White Rock Lake and towards downtown and the Trinity River.

Munger Place Homes Are a Great Value

Original Home in Munger Place Historic District
Wrap around porch of Munger Place home.

Munger Placehomes have continually appreciated in value over the last several decades as the neighborhood has enjoyed many homes being renovated or built. However, Munger Place has never offered as much value in relationship to the prices of other homes in the city. Munger Place benefits greatly from the booming downtown and the neighborhood links between downtown and the Munger Place Historic District. The Munger Place neighborhood was developed in 1905 as the finest residence park in the entire Southland, with architect-designed homes and deed restrictions. Over 100 years later, these early 20th century modern homes are more relevant than ever. It is a leafy neighborhood filled with young families and long-time residents who are able to enjoy a quiet neighborhood and the vibrancy of an exciting city just a few blocks away.

The Right Size Home for a Single Person or Family

With 2,522 square feet and three bedrooms, 5012 Junius is large enough to easily accommodate a family with children, but it is also a very comfortable size for a single person or couple. With a wide front porch and the open front yards found in the neighborhood, there is a livability that goes beyond the square footage of the home and property. Tall ceilings and center heart red pine floors provide timeless elegance. The oversized double-hung windows allow lots of light. The open floor plan is perfect for modern furniture or traditionally elegant design.

Future of Munger Place

Home in Munger Place Neighborhood
Home in Munger Place Neighborhood

Remarkably, even with the steady rise in Munger Place property values, Munger Place homes are priced comparable to condominiums and townhouses located off Fitzhugh Avenue, just on the other side of Central Expressway. As a result, there have been few Munger Place homes on the market and those that come on the market have sold quickly. The comparably low prices, beautifully designed homes and friendly neighbors in a great neighborhood suggest real appreciation in the future. Each year the neighborhood has had the additional renovation of homes and new construction of homes with aesthetic parameters that allow Munger Place to continue to flourish. Downtown Dallas and the surrounding neighborhoods also continue to improve. While many long established neighborhoods begin to stagnate, Munger Place is thriving.

Open Floor Plan

Historic detail and openness in Munger Place home.
Historic detail and openness in Munger Place home.

This early 20th century modern home is surrounded by oversized double-hung windows that allow the sun to progressively illuminate the home from all four sides of the home throughout the day. The double and triple passageways open the home visually and for entertaining.

Historic Detail and Architecture

View from living room to entry.
View from living room to entry.

This early modern home has the original wide, center heart, red pine floors that have been refinished. The baseboards are high, the trim around the doors is wide with the detail that distinguishes Munger Place homes.

Designer Renovation

Renovated Munger Place kitchen with marble counter tops.
Renovated Munger Place kitchen with marble counter tops.

From the original owner who was a co-founder of the Historic Preservation League to the most recent renovation in the last two years by the current owners who have enjoyed the home for 25 years, 5012 Junius has always been cared for or curated by owners with good taste and ample resources. The first owner to renovate is the president of Pegasus Bank who has an obsession for quality construction and passion for architecture. The current owners are both in the design industry and represent several of the top modern European modern furniture lines.

Munger Place Neighborhood

Munger Place was originally billed as the finest residence park in the entire Southland, with the most important Dallas families living in the neighborhood. Margaret Milam, now Mrs. Eugene McDermott, lived down the street; the Knox family lived across the street when Mr. Knox was president of Gulf, Texas and Western Railroad; and Texas Governor O.B. Colquitt lived two blocks over.

Munger Place regained national prominence when it was cited by FNMA as the most successful revitalization of an inner city neighborhood in the 1970s, on the heels of it becoming the first single-family historic district in Dallas. Now the selection of nearly 100% renovated homes in Munger Place is the best value in Dallas. Located equal distance from the Arts District, SMU and White Rock Lake, this tree-lined neighborhood is within walking distance to small restaurants and large grocery stores.

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