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Highland Park Contemporary Home
3117 Cornell Avenue, Dallas, Texas

On Block With Entrance to Katy Trail  Sold by Douglas Newby

Landscape architect Thomas Armstrong is attributed with the design of this modern home he had built for himself. It is sited on a Highland Park block with an entrance to the Kathy Trail. Raised from the street, the flat roof and geometric blocking convey its modernity.

A Design That Creates Privacy on a Highland Park Lot

Contemporary Home in Highland ParkAn entrance court hides the front door from public view. An interior wall of windows brings into view the forested side courtyard. The perimeter row of cypress trees hides the neighboring home and provides a tranquil canopy to this serene and private outdoor space.

Open Spaces Linked by Hall Lined With Windows

The transition from the outside begins with the terraced steps wrapping around the front motor court to the entrance court. The front door opens to a combined entrance and large living area that share 12-inch polished Italian ceramic tile floors and a composition of windows that allows you to look out over the front garden and side courtyard.

Home in Highland Park

The open kitchen, breakfast room and informal family room also have the luxury of the morning sun illuminating these open rooms. The row of windows on the other side of the house allows views of the lush landscape of the side courtyard. From the open kitchen and family room you are even able see the entrance court through the front door.

Real Estate in Highland Park

Here Is a Large House On a Standard Highland Park Lot That Allows Room for Gardens and Trees

Contemporary Home in Highland ParkAs one might expect from a landscape architect, this 4,800 square foot, 4-bedroom home preserves space to see blue skies, towering trees, and flowering gardens. The second floor has four bedrooms of ample size and a study and a large library and informal area with a catering or informal kitchen.

Enjoy This Contemporary Home Immediately or Accentuate Its Modernity

Katy Trail Corridor of Old Highland Park Contemporary HomeThe good condition and style of the home allow you to move in and enjoy this contemporary home. The space and structure also provide the framework to accentuate its modernity by additional renovation.

Katy Trail Corridor of Old Highland Park

This Highland Park neighborhood is one of my favorite parts of Highland Park. It is often overlooked by realtors by its much outdated association with small houses close to the railroad tracks. Of course, now the railroad has been replaced with the very popular Katy Trail. Over the last few decades, modern architects like Lionel Morrison, Frank Welch and Svend Fruit have designed or renovated homes on these quiet blocks, close to SMU and walking distance to Javier’s restaurant, the retail and restaurants on Knox Street or further down the Katy Trail to West Village.

Katy Trail Corridor of Old Highland Park Contemporary Home

This corridor offers the elegance and attributes of Highland Park and the best amenities of Dallas. It is hard to imagine that a neighborhood so chic and convenient is less expensive than the Dallas townhouse neighborhood of Northern Heights, on down the Katy Trail.

Highland Park Real Estate
Realtor Douglas Newby provides the insight to ensure you make an inspired purchase.