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Texas Modern Architecture

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Pioneer Texas homes are the inspiration for Texas Modern homes. Acknowledging the environment, employing artisans, and rejecting eclectic ornamentation resulted in this indigenous architecture.

Texas Modern Architecture, Post-1950

The majority of the Texas award-winning architects have all been influenced by the style originated by David Williams and O’Neil Ford who combined the indigenous quality of pioneer homes with the modern tenants of Europe. This regional modernism has continued uninterrupted for 75 years by Frank Welch, James Pratt, Max Levy, David Lake, Ted Flato, Ron Wommack, Cliff Welch, Gary Cunningham, and many others.

Texas Modern Architectural Styles

I just want to thank you for your contribution to Texas Modern architecture style. I have found your website to be very informative on the subjects of my grandfather, David Williams, and of the other notable architects that have contributed to this regionalist movement.

-Thomas McMahon

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