Lionel Morrison, Dallas Architect

Dallas and Texas Architect

Dallas architect, Lionel Morrison, working in concert with Susan Seifert, has created the largest body of modern work in Dallas. He is a reductionist whose austere design celebrates space, the interaction of volume and voids. His buildings painted do not distract from the space with ornamental color, generally relying on white for exterior and wall surfaces. Lionel Morrison can also be credited with introducing the first modern single-family attached home in Dallas found along the Katy Trail. His clean, stark architecture is recognizable as is the influence of his early employer, architect E. G. Hamilton. Both Morrison and Hamilton preferred an open plan versus rooms and cubicles. Mies van der Rohe was an inspiration for both, as was the Barcelona Pavilion that had clean spaces and walls of one surface, either marble or wood. Single planes of unadorned material cutting through public and private spaces on the interior and exterior, define his buildings. Lionel Morrison continues to refine his work.  The concept has not changed, but as materials and technology evolve, his work becomes even more pure in his clean lines and uninterrupted open spaces. His practice is equally divided between commercial and residential work, which also includes a strong practice in South America.

Douglas Newby Discusses with David Sutherland His Preston Hollow Modern Home Designed by Lionel Morrison

David Sutherland and his wife Ann are the owners of one of the top design studios in the country offering outdoor and indoor furniture and many other collections. They are also perfect clients and collaborators for award winning modern architect Lionel Morrison, FAIA, at their new Dallas architecturally significant modern home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood. David Sutherland discusses with Douglas Newby the concept of this modern home, the second modern estate home that Lionel Morrison has designed for them that includes their influence.

Example of Homes Architect Lionel Morrison Designed

Architect-Renovated, Award-Winning Lionel Morrison Town House

4331 Travis Street, Dallas, Texas
Open Floor Plan Accentuates Living and Dining

4331 Travis Street, Dallas, Texas

Town House Modern – Sold by Douglas Newby

Lionel Morrison received an AIA Honor Award for this 3,600 square-foot Travis townhouse located a block from Knox Street and Travis Walk that he designed in 1999. Now it is even better. The CEO and managing partner of a leading national design oriented architectural firm, totally renovated the space, making it structurally and aesthetically sleeker, the environment greener, and the space even more inviting.

4430 Abbott Avenue, Dallas, Texas

Lionel Morrison Modern Home

4330 Beechwood Lane, Dallas, Texas
Preston Hollow Modern Home sitting on 0.7 Acres

4330 Beechwood Lane, Dallas, Texas

Architect Designed Modern House – Sold by Douglas Newby

Here is a Lionel Morrison architect designed 3,100 square foot home enjoying the luxury of a .70 acre Preston Hollow site. Open spaces and walls of glass looking into the garden convey modernism at its best. Stylish and efficient space makes this home both glamorous and manageable.

Lionel Morrison Architect Designed Home

4331 Travis Street, Dallas, Texas – B
Turtle Creek Corridor Home sitting on 0.0854 Acres

4331 Travis Street, Dallas, Texas – B

Town House Modern – Sold by Douglas Newby

“Before” images showing townhouse when it was first built. Please see 4331 Travis, Dallas, Texas, for current images and information.

Architect Lionel Morrison designed his finest modern town house at 4331 Travis. Beautiful natural light and low voltage light illuminate this stunning 3,865 square foot residence.

Lionel Morrison, FAIA, Designed Modern Home

3509 Springbrook Street, Dallas, Texas
Living Room of Lionel Morrison, FAIA, Modern Home

3509 Springbrook Street, Dallas, Texas

Modern Attached Single-Family in Northern Heights by Katy Trail – Sold by Douglas Newby

Northern Heights is the coolest location for a modern residence as it is just a few doors down from the Katy Trail and just down the trail to the restaurants and shops on Knox Street in one direction and West Village in the other direction.

Katy Trail Home Represents Privacy, Vibrancy, and Value of Northern Heights

You will enjoy the tranquility of this predominantly single-family neighborhood. There is very little traffic in Northern Hills and Northern Heights since the neighborhoods are bordered by Highland Park on two sides, the Katy Trail on one side, and Turtle Creek Park on the other boundary.  While secluded from traffic, on a tree-lined street this modern home is close to the most vibrant city life of Dallas and the parks and creeks of Highland Park.

Lionel Morrison – Modern Home

Turtle Creek Corridor Modern Real Estate on 0.172 Acres

3511 Springbrook Street, Dallas, Texas

Springbrook Modern Townhouse

This modern townhouse was the architectural project that Dallas AIA Chapter selected as one of the Dallas 50 Significant Homes for their 50th Anniversary. The prestigious selected committee recognized Lionel Morrison’s use of space and natural light to create a delightful and sophisticated modern residence in a re-emerging neighborhood close to downtown. This contemporary home initiated the movement of other modern homes and town houses in Northern Heights an older neighborhood between the Katy Trail and Turtle Creek.

4335 Travis Street, Dallas, Texas

Lionel Morrison Design

Modern Highland Park Real Estate

3215 Princeton Avenue, Dallas, Texas

Highland Park Modern Home

Lionel Morrison is the starkest of the regional modernists. Reduction, not exuberance, is his goal. This 1994 home, while very elegant and precise, can be seen as a shed with a dogtrot and compound wall to accommodate the stairs, or as a simple rectangle with a two story glass appendage allowing the staircase to be an integral part of the design.

4222 Abbott Avenue, Dallas, Texas

Lionel Morrison Designed Home

Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Home in Bluffview Area

5753 Berkshire Lane, Dallas, Texas

Devonshire Modern Home

This home designed by Lionel Morrison and completed in 2003 departs from the stark white exteriors of Morrison’s other significant and award winning homes. This home reflects his use of windows and courtyards to erase exterior and interior boundaries. The Dallas Chapter of the AIA gave Lionel Morrison the Merit award for the design of this home.

Lionel Morrison Design

Turtle Creek Corridor Contemporary Home

3501-03 Springbrook Street, Dallas, Texas

Northern Heights Contemporary Home

In 1987, Lionel Morrison designed a modern single-family attached townhome in Northern Heights. Other important architects followed, including Frank Welch, Graham Greene, Ron Wommack and others, both in Northern Heights and throughout the Turtle Creek Corridor. These townhomes allowed people to have a stark, stylish residence at an affordable price.

One Arts Plaza

One Arts Plaza Designed by Architect Lionel Morrison

4815 Brookview Drive, Dallas, Texas

This modern home is the second collaboration between a celebrated furniture designer and Lionel Morrison, an award-winning architect. The progression of materials and technology in this contemporary home make a floor plan similar to the first home even more graceful, sleek, and serene.

51 Vanguard Way, Dallas, Texas

Architect Lionel Morrison Designed Urban Reserve Neighborhood located at 51 Vanguard Way in East Dallas

Architect Lionel Morrison designed this 2,807 square foot contemporary home at 51 Vanguard Way in the East Dallas Urban Reserve neighborhood.

1717 Arts Plaza #2005, Dallas, Texas

This is the best one-bedroom home at One Arts. Beyond the best location, the best site is ultimately what determines the happiness a home provides and its future value.Here, the One Arts building designed by Lionel Morrison, has the best location in the Dallas Arts District.