White Rock Lake Real Estate

4311 West Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas
Home in White Rock Lake

4311 West Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas

White Rock Lake Home on 2.5 Acres – Sold by Douglas Newby

This charming White Rock Lake home on 2.5 acres is ideal for a small family or as a close-in second home. The 203 foot wide lot offers the best views of any site on the lake. This approximately 2,920 square foot two-bedroom home has large living and entertaining spaces. Also, the home has additional structures for guest quarters and a private office.

Majestic Setting on White Rock Lake

The wide rolling front lawn frames the lake. The seasonal flocks of aquatic birds join the sail boats floating across the horizon. Once you are high up on this land, or on the front porch or inside the home looking out a window, you will fully realize the beauty and tranquility of White Rock Lake and this residential setting. The deep expanse of lawn behind the house finishes with a tennis court, furthering the majestic estate feeling of this Lakewood home.

White Rock Lake Acreage for New Home

This 2.5 acre site with the best view of White Rock Lake makes an ideal building site. This land is an architect’s dream. Here is beautifully proportioned land with elevation, width and depth. Just a couple of minutes around the lake to Mockingbird Lane and then just six minutes to Highland Park, this White Rock Lake location is removed from the city, but has quick access to downtown or to the private school corridor.

Running, Cycling, Sailing by the Beautiful Homes and White Rock Lake Real Estate

View the cultural, recreational, aquatic life, and estate homes at White Rock Lake.

White Rock Lake Offers Aesthetic and Economic Value

Several years ago, White Rock Lake – the largest man-made urban lake in the country – was dredged and cleaned. Immediately and consistently since, the interest and demand for homes on White Rock Lake and Lakewood has increased. The homes on White Rock and the surrounding Lakewood area have risen in value and held their value more than any neighborhood in Dallas, including the townships of Highland Park and University Park. Recent improvements have made the lake more beautiful than ever. The refinished bike paths and the new bike and pedestrian bridge over the lake make the nine-mile ride or run around the lake even more enjoyable.

Whether you like to casually stroll around the lake or you are a competitive cyclist, White Rock Lake is increasingly recognized as the most beautiful spot in Dallas.

White Rock Lake Specialist

If you have been looking for a home for sale on White Rock Lake, realtor Douglas Newby will be able to help you. The comparative values of land at White Rock Lake, the best sites on the lake, an evaluation of the demand in relationship to the 18 homes on West Lawther are all topics in which you will be interested. These are also topics that interest us.