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Highland Park Dallas

Highland Park Dallas, Texas

Highland Park Neighborhoods and Homes

Flippen Park and Many Other Parks Create the Bucolic Mood of Highland Park

Highland Park neighborhoods are only two miles from downtown Dallas but they have the atmosphere of a botanical and groomed countryside.

Today's New Highland Park Listings and MLS Status Changes

Keep Current with Highland Park Home Market

4417 Beverly Drive

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: September 22, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
7,342 0.2 2006 5 5 65x148
SQ. Feet 7,342
Acres 0.2
Year 2006
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Lot Size 65x148

3704 Stratford Avenue

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: September 13, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
8,166 0.3 2021 5 5 70x208
SQ. Feet 8,166
Acres 0.3
Year 2021
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Lot Size 70x208

4615 Fairfax Avenue Pending

Highland Park, Texas 75209
Listing Date: September 8, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
3,196 0.2 1940 3 3 61x124
SQ. Feet 3,196
Acres 0.2
Year 1940
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Lot Size 61x124

4222 Potomac Avenue Pending

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: September 8, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
2,088 0.2 1925 3 2 55 x 150
SQ. Feet 2,088
Acres 0.2
Year 1925
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Lot Size 55 x 150

3625 Beverly Drive Pending

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: September 8, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
8,932 0.5 1985 5 6 105 x 200
SQ. Feet 8,932
Acres 0.5
Year 1985
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 6
Lot Size 105 x 200

4593 Belfort Avenue

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: August 31, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
1,994 0.2 1937 3 2 50x135
SQ. Feet 1,994
Acres 0.2
Year 1937
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Lot Size 50x135

3721 Beverly Drive

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: August 30, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
8,573 0.4 1986 6 7 80 x 225
SQ. Feet 8,573
Acres 0.4
Year 1986
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 7
Lot Size 80 x 225

3914 Normandy Avenue

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: August 30, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
8,741 0.5 1986 6 7 116 x 180
SQ. Feet 8,741
Acres 0.5
Year 1986
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 7
Lot Size 116 x 180

4331 Potomac Avenue Pending

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: August 30, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
4,778 0.2 1984 5 6 55X150
SQ. Feet 4,778
Acres 0.2
Year 1984
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 6
Lot Size 55X150

4517 Lorraine Avenue

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: August 18, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
5,630 0.3 1929 5 4 83x140
SQ. Feet 5,630
Acres 0.3
Year 1929
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 4
Lot Size 83x140
1 2 3 4

Map of Highland Park Homes for Sale

Highland Park Map of Highland Park Neighborhoods

Highland Park is one of the featured neighborhoods found in the Dallas area. Highland Park is made up of five smaller neighborhoods inside Park Cities. Click on the map and discover each specific neighborhood as you explore homes for sale in this area.

20 Best Highland Park Neighborhoods

See Best Neighborhoods Found in Old Highland Park[-]See Best Neighborhoods Found in Old Highland Park[+]
See Best Neighborhoods Found in Highland Park West of Preston[-]See Best Neighborhoods Found in Highland Park West of Preston[+]
See Best Neighborhoods Found in Highland Park North of Mockingbird[-]See Best Neighborhoods Found in Highland Park North of Mockingbird[+]

Douglas Newby Shares Insights on Highland Park

National award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby highlights the best 20 neighborhoods within Highland Park and brings attention to their nuances, attributes and architecture. Douglas Newby specializes in architecturally significant homes which you will find in abundance in the Highland Park neighborhoods.

Learn About Architecturally and Historically Significant Homes in Highland Park

When you are looking for a historic original architect-designed estate home on a large lot, a Texas Modern home designed by a prominent architect, an award-winning midcentury designed home, a transitional modern home, or a modern home designed by an international architect, Douglas Newby will contribute to your understanding of the rich inventory of homes and opportunities in Highland Park, Dallas. As a buyer, the more you understand the total universe and inventory of homes in Highland Park, and understand the subtleties of the market street by street, the more advantageous your purchase. When we represent you as a buyer’s broker we will review the entire inventory of homes in Highland Park, not just those currently offered for sale. Our goal is for you to buy a home of architectural quality and significance at the most advantageous price to you. See More

Are You a Highland Park Homeowner?
You Have Come to the Right Place

If you are considering selling your Highland Park home, we will bring you the best results as we best understand your home and the potential buyers. Call me to see if I should represent you in selling your Highland Park home.

If You Desire an Architecturally Significant Home You Will Love, Douglas Newby Invites You to Call or Contact Him

Search MLS for Architect Designed Homes in Highland Park

Find Modern Homes in Highland Park for Sale

Third Generation Highland Park Residents and Those New to Texas Love Highland Park

Whether you are a third generation Highland Park resident or are considering moving to this architecturally significant community we hope you will enjoy these photographs and further acquainting yourself with some of the Highland Park homes found in the different sections, additions and neighborhoods of this community.

Highland Park Was Planned To Be The Most Beautiful Neighborhood In Dallas

It is not an accident that Highland Park is one of the most beautiful townships in the country. In 1905 the Munger brothers designed their beautiful residence park in keeping with the City Beautiful movement of grand boulevards and precise grids of tree-lined streets. In 1909 John Armstrong and his sons-in-law, Edgar Flippin and Hugh Prather, Sr. purchased 1,326 acres and planned Highland Park in the spirit of Frederick Law Olmsted's Central Park in New York. They hired Wilbur David Cook, the planner of Beverly Hills, California, to recreate his magic in this new development of meandering streets, creeks, tributaries and parks. George Kessler, who was responsible for Dallas' first great master land plan in 1911, including greenbelts along Turtle Creek, was also retained to assist with the planning of Highland Park. Twenty percent of Highland Park was dedicated to parks.

Turtle Creek Runs Through Highland Park

Turtle Creek runs through the middle of Highland Park, filling a visitor with awe at the sight of the azaleas and grand homes along the parks and linear lakes created from Turtle Creek. Hackberry Creek is a rugged tributary that winds through natural limestone banks, where parks and tennis courts have been carved. It is no wonder that Dallas' best architects did much of their work in this setting creating eclectic homes of Mediterranean, English, French and neoclassical styles. Old homes continue to be both restored and torn down often for larger homes in the same style. Highland Park is protected by its own fire department and educates its children within its own school district. Mortgages on many multi-million dollar homes are less than the cost of sending their children to private schools for a similar education.

Highland Park 4th of July Parade

To celebrate 4th of July this year I am posting a video of a Highland Park parade, celebrating a favorite holiday. Jimmy Stewart is quoted on patriotism, there is a special cameo appearance by Highland Park home owners Tracey and Scott Bundy who are raising their daughters in Highland Park, and a look at the festivities and spirit of Highland Park as the floats roll by.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for guiding us through such a great buying and selling experience...But most of all, thank you for becoming such good friends!

All our best,
-Scott and Tracy Bundy
Highland Park Home Seller and Home Buyer

Why Highland Park Captures the Imagination

Highland Park is beautiful and has magnificent homes, but it is much, much more. Real estate broker Douglas Newby can personally bring keen insight to why Dallas’ Highland Park captures the imagination of first-time visitors to Highland Park and continues to thrill longtime residents of Highland Park.

The Highland Park Market is More than Homes for Sale in MLS

To understand the Highland Park real estate market, you should know the history of Highland Park, the development of the township of Highland Park and its neighborhoods, the cycles of renovation and new construction, and how Highland Park prices rise and fall in relationship to other prestigious Dallas neighborhoods. Douglas Newby specializes in architecturally significant homes and understands architecturally significant homes as a combination of great sites, great locations, great architects, and the positive evolution of specific neighborhoods and their future potential.

Highland Park Is Safe

How many neighborhoods located two miles from a major downtown central business district are considered safe? Here, in Dallas, Highland Park is where prominent families feel comfortable with their children playing in the front yards or riding their bikes on the sidewalk.

Highland Park Police Are Almost Like a Private Security Force

The homeowners of Highland Park, Dallas almost feel as if they have a private security service when they are served by the Highland Park Police. Many of the wealthiest, highest profile residents of Dallas live in Highland Park where they enjoy walking through the neighborhood and to its beautiful parks, swimming pool nestled next to a creek and surrounded by trees, tennis courts in a bucolic setting, the Dallas Country Club and Highland Park Village.

Highland Park Sense of Community

This Highland Park sense of community continues through the year. Whether it is filling the stadium to cheer the State Champion Highland Park High School football team or seeing one other at neighborhood shops and restaurants.

Cafe Pacific at Highland Park Village

Realtor Douglas Newby holding Cafe Pacific menu before his dinner guests arrive for a holiday meal prepared by talented chef Terry Cook.

Café Pacific is a time-honored restaurant in Highland Park Village owned by Highland Park homeowner Jack Knox, who has a gorgeous, architect-designed historic home located on Armstrong Parkway. Café Pacific is imbued with civility, fun and unparalleled service and food—all qualities of Highland Park. Highland Park Village, owned by Highland Park homeowners, has restaurants for all occasions and moods, made even better by the patronage of Highland Park residents. And what better atmosphere for Christmas than several hundred thousand twinkling white lights installed at Highland Park Village for the holidays, with shops that would be the envy of Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive.

Highland Park Dallas Homes

There are only approximately 2,500 homes in Highland Park. However, there is a wide range of prices, with some Highland Park Dallas homes costing $100 million and some homes in Highland Park Dallas costing just over $1 million. This allows homeowners who represent a diverse range of ages and wealth to live in this prestigious Highland Park community. Regardless of price, you will enjoy refined Organic Urbanism at its best.

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Realtor Douglas Newby provides the insight to ensure you make an inspired purchase.