Dallas Interior Designers

Award-winning Realtor Douglas Newby knows the interior designers and their impact on the value of a home.

You understand that the best home is where the interior designer, architect, landscape architect, lighting designer and contractor all enhance each other’s work. The best interior designers interpret your taste and lifestyle and express a design within the parameters of the architect’s vision. This collaborative effort is something we look for in the properties we show to our clients. We at Douglas Newby & Associates are the most qualified to interpret the quality of design in finishes. We have created this section to introduce you to some of the interior designers who have created distinguished and refined spaces. We look forward to helping you evaluate homes of good design and representing your interests. Please contact me, Douglas Newby, at 214.522.1000.

Interior design in North Dallas Bent Tree neighborhood home created by interior designer Margaret Chambers. Richard Drummond Davis is the architect.

Margaret Chambers is one of the leading interior designers in Dallas. She has worked with the most respected classical estate home architects in Dallas such as Larry Boerder, Robbie Fusch and Richard Drummond Davis. Her life’s interest, passion and professionalism has propelled her extraordinary success.

Ursula Lane, Preston Hollow, Dallas

Interior designer Susan Bednar Long is known for her design versatility and Modern-Traditional signature style—she balances interior elements to create sophisticated, timeless spaces. Each of Susan’s spaces are a unique mix tailored to the client’s aesthetic and architecture.

Allen Kirsch, Dallas Interior Designer

Allen Kirsch has designed homes from the ground up, as he did in Lakewood, and has done interior design work on both eclectic and modern homes.

Breck Woolsey, Dallas Interior Designer

Breck Woolsey is a young, strong designer who has done work both on the west coast and in Dallas. Examples of his California work are found below.

Caitlin Moran

San Francisco based interior designer Caitlin Moran is known for her interior design work on both coasts and in Texas, from lavish apartments to prestigious estate homes. Caitlin Moran draws on a formidable background of international travel and training, and benefits from growing up in and around the country’s finest residences.

Cyril Le Grix, Dallas Interior Designer

Dallas has a history of attracting talented architects and interior designers from across the country and around the world. Cyril Le Grix is such a designer.

Eleanor McClendon Bond, Dallas Interior Designer

Eleanor McClendon Bond has 20 years of professional interior design experience that draws from a rich lifetime of aesthetic experience. A classical bearing comes from being raised on a Louisiana plantation, followed by living and studying in Europe and the East Coast.

Joshua Rice, Dallas Interior Designer

Joshua Rice created Joshua Rice Design in 2007 to create interior design for residences, new construction and the interior design for renovated residences. He also specializes in the design of furniture, lighting and highly functional objects.

Louise Kahn, Dallas Interior Designer

Paul Draper, Dallas Interior Designer

Dining Room Designed by Paul Draper

Paul Draper is an interior designer who has collaborated with many of the great architects like Frank Welch, Max Levy, Overland Partners, and James Langford. His work on modern homes, Texas modern homes, and classic homes includes fabricating furniture, curating art, designing rooms and designing fixtures and finishes.

Richard Trimble, Dallas Interior Designer

Wendy Konradi, Dallas Interior Designer

Interior Designer Wendy Konradi has a background of working on modern homes that have received international attention. After she graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Interior Design, Wendy Konradi worked 10 years for Naomi Leff in New York.

Wilson & Associates, Dallas Interior Design Firm

Wlodek & Abby Malowanczyk, Dallas Interior Design Firm

Wlodek and Abby Malowanczyk have an exciting collection of 20th century architect designed furniture, available for purchase in their 8500 Sq. Ft. space in the Dallas design district.

Dear Mr. Newby,

I enjoy referencing your website in my continued journey in learning about both historical and modern residential architecture in Dallas.  Your photography on the site is exquisite, and your eye for detail is certainly recognized… Thanks for all you do to promote the recognition of architecturally significant structures and the field of architectural and interior design.

Jan Parker, FASID
Director of the School of Interior Design
The Art Institute of Dallas