Best Dallas Architects

Douglas Newby, an award-winning real estate broker, has sold more architecturally significant homes than any other realtor. Here is a list of 100 top architects he has compiled and discusses to help give you a head start on determining which architect you would like to retain for your new architecturally significant home. These Dallas architects have all won awards, but even more important, they have won the admiration and appreciation of their clients in Dallas and across the country.

Douglas Newby has offered for sale architecturally significant modern homes like this one by architect Max Levy. Max Levy, FAIA, has won more AIA design awards than any other current Dallas architect. Nature is his inspiration and you will enjoy reading the article and see how Max Levy immersed this home in nature in one of my favorite Dallas neighborhoods.

A. Gruppo Architects, Dallas Architectural Firm

2017 AIA Honor Award House

Thad Reeves and Andrew Nance are the principals of A. Gruppo Architects, founded in 2005. As partners in the firm, they collaborate on every project. Both Thad Reeves and Andrew Nance teach design studio at architectural schools. They also are often the contractor on the homes they design, providing an additional efficiency.

AlterStudio Architecture, Dallas Architectural Firm

Architect Kevin Alter and his partners, architect Ernesto Cragnolino and architect Tim Whitehill, have designed intelligent, well crafted, ingeniously engineered modern homes. AlterStudio is based in Austin, but my favorite modern home of AlterStudio is in Dallas located in Highland Park.

Bentley Tibbs, Dallas Architect

Bentley Tibbs received his architecture degree from Texas A&M University and his architectural training from Frank Welch. Bentley Tibbs was the architect for the exterior renovation for the referenced Turtle Creek Circle home. He is a modernist who has designed and renovated both residential and commercial projects which utilize simple materials, rich colors, and natural light that exude calmness and serenity.

Bernbaum Magadini, Dallas Architect

An architectural firm founded by Bruce Bernbaum, AIA and Patricia Magadini, AIA, Bernbaum Magadini has designed modern homes in Dallas including 5370 Meaders Lane in Preston Hollow.

Boerder-Snyder, Dallas Architect

Boerder-Snyder is best known for their contemporary town houses, modern attached single-family homes and duplexes. They have also designed many single-family residences and other projects.

Braxton Werner & Paul Field, Texas Architects

Braxton Werner and Paul Field of wernerfield architecture + design are modernist architects who are as deeply involved with the craftsmen who execute their plans as they are committed to interpreting a site and their clients’ program to develop a design that has aesthetic integrity and advances architecture.

Brian Keith, Dallas Architect

This home has been rebuilt and renovated, along with an elaborate and open chef’s kitchen. The character and charm have been maintained on this 1918 home. There is also a new garage and even additional living space in the basement that has been finished.

Chase Corker, Dallas Architect

Chase Corker received his architecture degree from Southern Illinois University.  He is a licensed interior designer and he has had his architectural design business since 1995.  His work spans from new construction to the renovation design of iconic homes in Lakewood, the White Rock Lake area and Forest Hills.

Cliff Welch, Dallas Architect

Cliff Welch, FAIA, an award winning architect, received his training with Bud Oglesby and worked as a principal at Design International. His current work reflects his interest in 1950s modernism and his roots in Texas. His city and country residences successfully capture the essence of Texas Modernism and design. Cliff Welch has been a leader in exploring the best of modernism over the last five decades and making these elements relevant in today’s homes. He is a meticulous, thorough and thoughtful designer that is true to both his clients and his vision.

Clint Pearson, Dallas Architect

Clint Pearson, a Dallas architect and the founder in 1998 of Symmetry Architects, has designed substantial homes in Dallas. These homes have broad appeal to homeowners who desire a stately home designed in a French, English, Mediterranean, and Texas Hill Country style. Clint Pearson’s architectural work shows he works easily with many design idioms. For additional information see

Dan Shipley, Dallas Architect

After Dan Shipley graduated from the University of Texas at Austin he worked for both a large firm, HKS, and one of the most important small Dallas architectural firms, Thomas and Booziotis. He approaches the smallest detail of a project or a building with an inventive eye that is not contrived, and celebrates the materials in place or brought to the project. He has found beautiful solutions to projects other prominent architects would find too confusing to consider. He has received many awards for these efforts and in 2003 the American Institute of Architects elevated him to the College of Fellows.

Daphne Perry, Dallas Architect

Daphne Perry Is an architect and artist. She is often called upon by her follow architects to create weavings and floor coverings for the homes they design. She is based in Fort Worth and is married to architect Mark Gunderson. She designed 4312 Fairfax in Highland Park, which replaced a larger home that was torn down. She also did the renovation design for the most exciting condominium in Park Towers, the 1950s highrise between Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail.

David Droese, Dallas Architect

David Droese, AIA is a Dallas architect and graduate of Texas Tech University. He’s worked on several buildings in Dallas including the Highland Park modern home at 4340 Rheims Place.

David Oswalt, Dallas Architect

David Oswalt, a Dallas architect, has been very active and is one of the leading renovation architects in Lakewood and East Dallas. He has also done significant renovation design on Park Cities homes, including those originally designed by Charles Dilbeck.

David Stocker, Dallas Architect

David Stocker is a partner and lead designer for Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects. He joins Mark Hoesterey, who studied at Texas Tech, and Enrique Montenegro, who studied at Rice, in designing a wide range of homes with reoccurring design threads that permeate the home regardless of the style. Their homes, with elegant facades, appeal to those who desire classic eclectic homes, but the facades also reflect the interior space where the firm’s design work begins.  More of David Stocker’s work can be found on the architect profile of SHM Architects.

DC Broadstone, Dallas Architect

DC Broadstone has designed many large Preston Hollow and Highland Park estate homes. He has also been responsible for massive additions to existing homes, such as the Anton Korn designed home on Preston Road. His virtuosity can also be seen in the renovation and expansion designs he did for the Charles Dilbeck home on Chatham Hill. Here you will see tumble brick details and forms that are indistinguishable from what Charles Dilbeck would have designed himself.

Dean Smith, Dallas Architect

Dean Smith, the son of Cole Smith, is a partner with architecture firm Smith, Ekblad & Associates, one of the most prominent residential firms in Dallas. Dean Smith has contributed to many of these residences and specifically designed many himself, including the home at 3900 Stonebridge, high on the bluff overlooking Turtle Creek.

Domi Works Dallas Architects

8926 San Leandro Drive, Forest Hills, Dallas

Blane Eric Ladymon is the founding architect and managing partner of Domi Works. He has a strong background in interior design as well, working previously in the firms of Wilson & Associates, Duncan & Miller and Looney & Associates.  Blane Eric Ladymon has an architectural degree from Texas Tech university and also works with his wife Bonnie Martin who is an award-winning licensed interior designer.  Also contributing to the firm is Associate Architect Carmen Marenco and Miguel Ortiz who oversees construction.

Elby Martin & Associates, Dallas Architects

Established in 1986 in Dallas, Texas, Elby Martin & Associates designed residences across the Southwest with styles varying from Spanish Mediterranean, French and English, to Texas Regional.

Eugene E. Davis, Dallas Architect

4219 Arcady Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

FAR+DANG, Dallas Architectural Firm

FAR + DANG architects Bang Dang and Rizi Faruqui, AIA created their own architectural firm after being the lead designers for AIA Dallas Honor Award projects in the architecture studio of one of Dallas’ most esteemed architects, Gary Cunningham, FAIA.

Frank Ryburn, Dallas Architect

Frank Ryburn has designed Texas Modern homes, renovated homes and has been retained by patrons of art and architecture who appreciate his fine work. He was the renovation architect for his own home, a stone house at the top of the hill in Turtle Creek Park.

Gail Adams, Dallas Architect

Architect Gail Adams of Adams Architects specializes in sustainable commercial and residential design like 3502 Edgewater Street in the Turtle Creek Area. Adams Architects won the 2010 Evergreen Award by Eco-Structure Magazine.

Gary Cunningham, Dallas Architect

Architect Designed Modern Home by Gary Cunningham

Gary Cunningham is the most exuberant modernist in Dallas. Gary Cunningham received an intense education at Cistercian School. He then went to the University of Texas at Austin and worked for the St. Louis firm Helmut-Obata-Kassebaum (HOK). Rick Brettell describes his work as “a complex process of strong juxtapositions, diverse materials and architectural accident.”

Gary Gene Olp, Dallas Architect

Gary Olp was one of the hand picked students admitted to the University of Cincinatti known for Michael Graves and other prestigious architects. He received a chapter AIA award for his first professional project, a new clubhouse for a century old revered country club in Ohio. Gary has been designing residential projects since the mid 1980s expressing his contemporary architecture in organic shapes, smooth surfaces, and accentuated by the warm tones and textures of the steel struts, beams, and elements allowed to oxidize. His homes are sited to capture the southeasterly breezes and soft east and north light and to shield harsh west sun.

Gary Skotnicki, Dallas Architect

Gary Skotnicki Jones House Front

Gary Skotnicki has always had a passion for architecture. After starting his own firm ArchiTexas in 1978, Gary has earned multiple awards for his design and preservation talents over the years.

Graham Greene & Kathy Greene, Dallas Architects

Many architects never build a home for themselves. Many couples find it difficult to even go through the process of building a home. Kathy and Graham Greene accomplished both, as architects and as a couple.

Greg Wyatt, Dallas Architect

Greenway Parks Motor Court

Greg Wyatt is a Dallas architect who examines and reflects the rich regional architectural history of Dallas and Texas. He also draws from the preceding architects who have made a mark on the design of Dallas.

James Langford, Dallas Architect

Architect James Langford designed a spectacular Highland Park residence with a rooftop pool and view of the Dallas skyline and the Katy Trail.

James Pratt, Dallas Architect

James Pratt of James Pratt Architecture/Urban Design Inc., has been one of the most influential architects in Dallas. James Pratt was the author of Dallas Visions, a comprehensive land plan and concept for Dallas’ future. He has been the restoration architect for the Dallas County courthouse and designed one of Dallas’ most significant homes in the middle part of the twentieth century at 9035 Broken Arrow. Its bridge, descending into the middle of the home, influenced Deedie Rose in her collaboration with Antoine Predock. Yale educated, Pratt understands design, he understands Texas and the importance of its influence and heritage.

Jamie Rohe, Dallas Architect

Jamie Rohe and his wife, interior designer Cherie Rohe, design romantic interpretations of period eclectic homes. His talent is evident from the home he designed at 4805 St. Johns in Highland Park.

Jerry McClafferty, Dallas Architect

Architect Jerry McClafferty, with an architecture degree from Texas Tech in 1987 and his own firm since 1999, provides an incredibly valuable service in an architectural niche. While some architects do volume residential work for builders, and other architects design one or two homes a year, Jerry McClafferty has quietly collaborated on both residential and commercial projects with some of Dallas’ most exceptional interior designers. Jerry McClafferty is an architect who knows design, materials and can help transform a space. Photographed is the modern home he designed for himself.

Joe McCall, Dallas Architect

Joe McCall is the lead designer for Oglesby/Greene. An AIA fellow, he has designed graceful modern residences, churches and commercial buildings, and renovated converted lofts. He has made a major impact on the architectural direction of Dallas.

John Mullen, Dallas Architect

John Mullen, FAIA, has contributed to Dallas as a preservationist, an architect, and businessman. As an architect and partner, his design was instrumental in the success of The Container Store. He is one of the first board members of Preservation Dallas and he is active in the conservation of Greenway Parks. He has designed Texas Modern homes such as the one at 3809 Shenandoah.

Joshua Nimmo, Dallas Architect

Joshua Nimmo expresses, interprets and learns from Texas architectural traditions as he designs innovative modern homes on prestigious Preston Hollow estate lots, expansive ranch sites and in emerging Dallas neighborhoods like Deere Park.  Originally practicing at the architectural studio of Lionel Morrison, FAIA, architect has experience working on award-winning reductive white box and glass modern homes.  From this foundation of pure modern, Joshua Nimmo created his own architecture firm, Nimmo Architecture.  Here Joshua Nimmo goes to a different place than classic modern homes or builder faux modern homes.

JRAF Studio, Dallas Architectural Firm

4447 Newmore Avenue, South Bluffview, Dallas, Texas

Kelly Mitchell and Sean Garman, Dallas Architects

Twilight Exterior of Labron Residence

Kelly Mitchell and Sean Garman have designed significant modern homes and renovated historic homes with crisp modern interiors. Their experience working on large commercial structures, stylish restaurants, and the intimate details of renovating period homes gives them a depth of understanding of design and construction that benefits their clients when they are designing a new home.

Larry Boerder, Dallas Architect

Larry Boerder, a Dallas architect, grew up in a family of architects. In an era where most professors are teaching modern theory, he investigated historical styles. His Master’s thesis was on the homes on Swiss Avenue. He did the illustrations for the book by Virginia and Lee McAlester, Great American Homes and Their Architectural Styles. He has designed dozens of new homes that are not overwrought with European detailing to reflect eclectic styles with twenty-first century amenities.

Larry Speck, Dallas Architect

3932 Potomac Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

Laura Juarez Baggett Studio, Dallas Architectural Firm

3310 Milton Avenue, University Park, Dallas, Texas

Architect Laura Baggett has been designing modern homes for 20 years in Dallas. One of her best known projects is a modern home she designed overlooking White Rock Lake on West Lawther.

Lionel Morrison, Dallas Architect

Dallas architect, Lionel Morrison, working in concert with Susan Seifert, has created the largest body of modern work in Dallas. He is a reductionist whose austere design celebrates space, the interaction of volume and voids. His buildings painted do not distract from the space with ornamental color, generally relying on white for exterior and wall surfaces. Lionel Morrison can also be credited with introducing the first modern single-family attached home in Dallas found along the Katy Trail.

M Gooden Design, Dallas Architect

4214 Shorecrest Drive, Bluffview, Dallas, Texas

Michael Gooden, AIA, is the founding principal architect of M Gooden Design. He is known for the modern homes he and his firm have designed in Dallas. They have often been featured on the Dallas AIA Tour of Homes. Michael Gooden received a Bachelor of Arts in Design at Baylor University.

Marc McCollom, Dallas Architect

Architect Marc McCollom excels in quiet modernism. Architecture that is modern, clean and current, but not flashy or loud. Marc McCollom trained with two of the great modern architects in Dallas, Frank Welch and Max Levy, who are great friends and who share a sensitivity for design that Marc McCollom, AIA, responds to and reflects in his work.

Mark Domiteaux, Dallas Architect

Front of Contemporary Home designed by Architect Mark Domiteaux, AIA in Twilight

Mark Domiteaux is an architect who immediately understands the elements of a home that will make one happy. His vast source of knowledge, experience, geography and interests get funneled into his very design-oriented modern homes. Born in Berkeley, California, educated at the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in both Architecture and Fine Arts, and having lived several places between these two coasts, Mark has a good feel of how people like to live.

Mark Gunderson, Dallas Architect

A Fort Worth architect, Mark Gunderson has had much influence on Dallas, both from his work as a juror on award committees to his presidency of the Dallas Architectural Foundation. Mark Gunderson is a modernist who designs perfectly executed buildings and an architectural historian who illuminates the work around us. Currently, he is designing several homes in the region and working as co-author to Buildings of Texas, a new 700 page volume in the series Buildings of the United States published by Oxford Press.

Mark Hoesterey, Dallas Architect

Mark Hoesterey is a partner with SHM Architects. Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects designs homes that respond to the opportunities of the site. Mark Hoesterey’s emphasis is not as much on a specific style as it is creating a space that reflects his clients desires, and enhances their enjoyment for how the home relates to the environment.

Mark Serold, Dallas Architect

Mark Serold, a partner in Fusch-Serold & Partners, has been the lead designer on many significant Dallas estate homes. His design of the residence at 9400 Hathaway illustrates his talent.

Merrill, Pastor & Colgan, Dallas Architectural Firm

The architecture firm Merrill, Pastor & Colgan out of Florida has designed many projects all over the country and the world including a contemporary home in Highland Park on Crescent avenue. The firm is a partnership between architect Scott Merrill, George Pastor, and David Colgan.

Michael Malone, Dallas Architect

Malone Maxwell Dennehy Architects is led by the main partners, Michael Malone, FAIA, Audrey Maxwell, AIA, and Paul Dennehy, FAIA.  These three architects are architectural leaders both within the Dallas and Texas Society of Architects and their exceptional design work has received much recognition. In 2013, the firm was recognized by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects as the “Firm of the Year.”

Morrison-Seifert-Murphy, Dallas Architectural Firm

Morrison-Seifert-Murphy was a Dallas architectural firm made up of architect Lionel Morrision, AIA; Susan Seifert, AIA; and Pat Murphy, AIA. Lionel Morrison left Morrison-Sefert-Murphy to join a smaller firm with architect Mark Dillworth. Susan Seifert and Pat Murphy reformed their firm into Seifert Murphy. Morrison-Seifert-Murphy is responsible for many modern homes throughout Dallas in neighborhoods like Highland Park.

Norman D. Ward, Dallas Architect

Architect Norman Ward, AIA, founder and principal of Norman D. Ward Architect, is a modern architect who explores contemporary designs. The firm has received design awards from the American Institute of Architects in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as delineation awards from the American Institute of Architects in Dallas, Texas. In 2011, Norman Ward Architect received an AIA Honor Award from Fort Worth for his Bluestem house in Cresson, Texas.

Oglesby·Greene, Dallas Architects

Bedroom With Open View in Ogelsby Greene Designed Home

Oglesby·Greene is an architectural practice with a distinguished heritage. It is firmly rooted in an early influential and important modernist tradition of architecture. Its partners are committed to producing notable buildings, spaces and landscapes that are both timeless and of their time. The architects at Oglesby·Greene consider the basis of their architecture nature itself, the most timeless of design. A good example of this is the home in the Glen Abbey neighborhood pictured below designed by architect Graham Greene.

Oglesby Group, Dallas Architect

3918 Normandy Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

Overland Partners, Dallas Architectural Firm

Modern Home in Bluffview Designed by Architects Overland Partners

The San Antonio architectural firm, Overland Partners with a strong set of values and a firm mission to improve the world through architecture. They’ve designed modern homes throughout texas including 4815 Shadywood in the Bluffview Area.

Paul Jankowski, Dallas Architect

Dallas AIA Tour of modern Turtle Creek Park home.

Paul Brian Jankowski, AIA, is a founding partner of ZERO3 design firm that integrates architecture and interior design for their clients.  ZERO3 residential projects include contemporary urban townhomes, mid-century modern renovations, and suburban enclaves. Architect Paul Jankowski and Jay Magee partnered in Modern Living Dwellings designing modern homes such as 4022 Stonebridge which hosted the patron party of the Dallas AIA Tour and the luxury townhomes at Manett in the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas.

Peter Reynolds, Dallas Architect

3506 Harvard Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

Ralph Kelman, Dallas Architect

3300 Princeton Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

Patrick Ford, Dallas Architect

Patrick Ford in 1990 co-founded Rogers-Ford an architectural and design firm with an equal emphasis on architecture and interior design. His versatility and virtuosity is evident from a broad range of projects – historic preservation, country second homes and new Preston Hollow and Highland Park estate homes. Patrick Ford’s architectural restraint is also evident as details are carefully selected for the specific design of each project.

Richard Drummond Davis, Dallas Architect

Ivy League educated Richard Davis has designed many of the largest estate homes in Dallas. His work can be seen from the renovation and expansion of the Georgian home at 6801 Baltimore to the eclectic estate home on Meadowbrook.

Rob Allen & Jim Buie, Dallas Architects

Rob Allen & Jim Buie of Longview, Texas, are architects who designed one of the few purely modern homes in Volk Estates. This white asymmetrical home uses sleek but rugged materials in which to raise a family. Modern architectural projects are often associated with grand estates, museums, or very private eccentric homes.

Robbie Fusch, Dallas Architect

Robbie Fusch, of Fusch Serold & Partners, has designed many of the most elaborate estate homes in Dallas, faithfully capturing the European flourishes that you will find in France and England. Drawing on the classical design of the European estate homes built from the 1500s to the 1850s, this Renaissance and neoclassical influence is accurately and elegantly conveyed in these 21st century homes Robbie Fusch designs for his clients.

Robert Meckfessel, Dallas Architect

Award-winning architect, Robert Meckfessel AIA of dsgn associates Inc. has designed meritorious homes in Dallas and abroad, many of which have been recognized for their innovation and architectural excellence.

Russell Buchanan, Dallas Architect

Russell Buchanan is both an artist and an architect. His inventive and exquisite eye succeeds in both stand-alone furniture or residential projects.

Scott Marek, Dallas Architect

Architect Scott Marek of Marek Architecture has a strong pedigree that is revealed in the good modern homes he designs. After receiving his Architecture Degree at Texas A&M, he worked on commercial and high-rise structures for Corgan Associates and Gromatzky Dupree and Associates. His greatest influence came when he worked as a lead designer for the revered Texas modernist Frank Welch.

Sharon Odum, Dallas Architect

Sharon Odum, AIA, has designed modern homes, including a large residence on an acre of land in the Preston Hollow estate area to an attached single-family modern home in University Park.

SHM Architects, Dallas Architectural Firm

Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects is led by the partners David Stocker, Mark Hoesterey and Enrique Montenegro. The firm has done a remarkable job of bridging the gap between client driven projects and builders who are constructing speculative homes.

Signe & Jason Smith, Dallas Architects

The poetic rigor of Jason Smith and Signe Smith’s architectural work reminds me that all great architects seem to come from a strong architectural family tree. This husband and wife architectural team, with degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, have worked with exemplary firms, providing them a launching pad for their thriving firm, doing precise and exciting modern work for extraordinary clients with a refined aesthetic.

SmithArc, Dallas Architects

3121 Beverly Drive, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

Steve Chambers, Dallas Architect

Dallas architect, Steve Chambers has designed homes from the Hill Country to Highland Park. His use of stone, standing seam metal roofs and porches work equally well in both environments.

Svend Fruit, Dallas Architect

Svend Fruit created Bodron+Fruit with interior designer, Mil Bodron. They’re most known for their renovation of important modern homes designed in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, by regional and national architects. In 2002, Svend Fruit received much acclaim for the modern home he designed on Shadywood in Bluffview.

Ted Larson, Dallas Architect

Ted Larson and Paul Pedigo established their firm in 1985. They previously worked together on the restoration of the state capitol and other monumental buildings. They have since renovated and expanded homes designed by Hal Thomson and Anton Korn, along with many other important twentieth century architects.

Todd Hamilton, Dallas Architect

Modern Home Designed By Architect Todd Hamilton

Architect Todd Hamilton received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University and his master’s degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Registered in New York and Texas, the architectural work of Todd Hamilton, AIA, has been widely published.

Tom Workman, Dallas Architect

Architect Tom Workman owns and designed the modern Highland Park home in the first section of the Highland Park neighborhood west of Preston, 4200 Armstrong Parkway

Wayne Lewis, Dallas Architect

3500 Beverly Drive, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

Weldon Turner, Dallas Architect

Architect Weldon Turner, founder and principal of Turner Boaz Architecture Firm, is a modernist who explores eclectic design. Site, design and execution are emphasized in his work. You will see in estate homes Weldon Turner designs that he successfully integrates the architecture, the interior and the landscape. The consistently superior quality materials specified and deployed further unifies the exterior, interior and landscape.

Wes Harder, Dallas Architect

Architect Wes Harder is the president of the Harder Organization architecural firm in Dallas, Texas. An example of his work is 3629 Cragmont Avenue built in the 1920s in the Northern Hills neighborhood.

Wilson Fuqua, Dallas Architect

Wilson Fuqua has made an impact on Highland Park in a similar way that Richardson Robertson has on Beverly Hills, California. It is not surprising that both of these architects have made an important contribution in these prominent neighborhoods.

Doug, I wanted you to know that this November our new home is going to be on the AIA Dallas Home Tour thanks, in part, to your efforts. That’s because when we began the design effort four years ago we relied heavily on your website, Architecturally Significant Homes, to find candidate architects. We found your website to be an incredibly rich resource, especially regarding modern architecture and architects in the Dallas area. We ultimately settled on Cliff Welch and couldn’t be happier with the result. You’re welcome to tour the home anytime. I think you will find it to your liking.

Thanks for helping make our dream home a reality and thanks for all your contributions to the Dallas modern architecture community.

Mark Burton