Midcentury Modern Home

3928 Wentwood Drive, Dallas, Texas
University Park Mid-Century Modern Home

3928 Wentwood Drive, Dallas, Texas

University Park Residence of Architect – Sold by Douglas Newby

Max Sandfield designed this home for his own residence acting as architect and client. Max Sandfield was able to be more daring. He designed one of the first modern homes in Dallas capturing the architectural elements we now so closely associate with this revered architectural period.

The family has agreed that I will be able to offer this home at the value of its 75 foot by 150 foot lot with a deed restriction that it cannot be torn down. We are in the last decade of an era where original owners are offering their 50 year old midcentury homes for sale. It is essential these homes remain as a reflection of an era and as the original examples of a style that is being vigorously revisited and appreciated through new construction and design.

University Park Neighborhood

To have a midcentury home of this quality in University Park is all the more enticing. Found on a tree-lined street in University Heights, this home designed with a horizontal emphasis and a façade showing a broken plane angled roof has the additional advantage of well spaced homes on wide lots.

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