Mid-Century Modern Style Architecture

Dallas Modern Architecture

10036 Hollow Way Road, Dallas, Texas

Architect Max Sandfield designed this midcentury modern home on a 1.13 acre site along the 25-acre Crespi / Hicks estate property. The result of this modern period home being located in the quiet and prestigious Mayflower Estates neighborhood and having 25 acres of estate land behind it, is a site that is secluded, prominent and private.

Midcentury Modern Home in Highland North Neighborhood

10306 Crittendon Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75229
Home in Contemporary Style

10306 Crittendon Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75229

Award Winning Architect Arch Swank Designed This Modern Home – Sold by Douglas Newby

Arch Swank, one of the most accomplished modern architects in the 1950s, designed this architecturally significant modern home in 1957 in Highland North neighborhood located west of Midway Road. The architect was adept at siting the modern homes he designed on the most attractive land.

Arch Swank had the ability to incorporate the topography and create contemporary houses that embrace the nature around them. One sees examples of this at the early modern home he designed on 3514 Rock Creek Drive and this midcentury modern home on Crittendon Drive.

Langdale House

11431 Saint Michaels Drive, Dallas, Texas

Ideally located in the Janmar neighborhood of Preston Hollow, between Royal Lane and Forest Lane, on a wide sweeping lot facing Eudora. This four-bedroom, three and one-half bath midcentury home in Janmar, with a standing seam metal roof, has been beautifully renovated with the landscape designed by landscape architect Jeff Bargas.

3928 Wentwood Drive, Dallas, Texas

Max Sandfield designed this home for his own residence acting as architect and client. Max Sandfield was able to be more daring. He designed one of the first modern homes in Dallas capturing the architectural elements we now so closely associate with this revered architectural period.

6931 Alpha Road, Dallas, Texas

Total renovation accentuates the Palm Springs modern look and feel of this midcentury home, wrapping around a pool and terraced lawn. Rooms are open and relate to each according to the occasion: elaborate entertaining, formal dinners, backyard barbecues, or having fun with close friends and family.

5848 Colhurst Street, Dallas, Texas

Dallas 50’s Modern Style Home for Sale

The original owners of the last standing, architect designed, pristine condition, midcentury modern home in Preston Hollow have asked me to offer this architecturally significant home for sale. In 1957 the stylish and sophisticated owners assembled an incredibly talented team to design a midcentury modern home.

5243 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas

Architecturally Significant

The renovation of this internationally important residence, including reclaiming the pool and floating dining room island, was completed in 2007. Comparable to Edward Durell Stone’s international projects, this 1957 Park Lane project was his most important and favorite residential work.

5569 Nakoma Drive, Dallas, Texas

The greenbelt wraps around this mid-century modern home designed by architects Hidell & Decker, protégés of George Dahl and Howard Meyer respectively. The 3,850 original square feet reflect coherent volumes and design.

7010 Airline, Dallas, Texas

7019 Delrose Avenue, Dallas, Texas

4808 Drexel Drive, Dallas, Texas

Sited on a peninsula, a footbridge leads you over the creek to the house defined by the meandering creek on three sides. Jim Wiley of the Oglesby Group designed this 2,000 square foot home for Mr. and Mrs. Bartram Kelley in 1956 to accommodate their love of music.

9624 Rockbrook Drive, Dallas, Texas

Preston Hollow Mid Century Modern Home

Harwell Hamilton Harris is one of the most important architects to have ever designed a home in Dallas. His work appears from the East to the West Coast, but he is most closely associated with the California mid-century modernist movement.

10010 Gaywood Road, Dallas, Texas

West Lawther Drive Home, Dallas, Texas

5303 Waneta Drive, Dallas, Texas

This 2,400 square foot, three-bedroom, two-bath home is a celebration of one of Dallas’s best architectural firms of the mid 20th century, Hidell and Decker, who originally designed this award-winning home in 1951, and one of the best current architecture firms with a passion for midcentury modern architecture, Bodron+Fruit, who designed the modern renovation in the 21st century.

5230 Yolanda Lane, Dallas, Texas

The most desirable Preston Hollow lots are on quiet streets and often in the middle of a block of other wide estate lots. A site like this provides privacy and a sweeping drive through an allée of Live Oak trees that conveys the original natural elegance of Preston Hollow.

5381 Nakoma Drive, Dallas, Texas

5016 Maple Springs Boulevard, Dallas, Texas

5016 Maple Springs Blvd., Oak Lawn Heights, Dallas, Texas