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Volk Estates Neighborhood

Volk Estates Real Estate and Architecturally Significant Estate Homes for Sale in University Park Neighborhood

Volk Estates is a Prestigious Neighborhood Enclave of Architecturally Significant Estate Homes

Volk Estates is the grandest and most elegant neighborhood in Dallas and it is hidden in plain sight. Surrounded by parks and Turtle Creek and Preston Road, this prestigious neighborhood of architecturally significant homes is inhabited by many of the most important residents in Dallas.  With beautiful landscaped curving streets and homes with mature trees, the neighborhood conveys tranquility more than opulence.

Volk Estates is often considered the most prestigious neighborhood in Dallas. If you are looking for an architecturally significant estate home, this is a good place to start. Many of the most important architects in Dallas and across the country have designed homes in Volk Estates including Hal Thomson; Greene, LaRoche and Dahl; Fooshee and Cheek; C.H. Griesenbeck; Larry Boerder; Landry and Landry; Tom Kligerman; Cole Smith; Frank Welch; Richardson Robertson; Richard Drummond Davis; Bentley Tibbs; SHM Architects; Bertram C. Hill; Wilson Fuqua; and John Scudder Adkins who designed one of the most important homes in Dallas at 6801 Turtle Creek Boulevard.

In the Volk Estates video above, you will see many of these and other architecturally significant homes in Volk Estates. In addition, you will learn about the origin, history and evolution of this prestigious neighborhood with just over 100 architecturally significant homes.

Architecturally Significant Estate Home Designed by Architect John Scudder Adkins in Volk Estates

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Today's New Volk Estates Listings and MLS Status Changes

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6920 Vassar Avenue

University Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: June 15, 2023
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
14,181 0.9 1959 6 10 200 x 204
SQ. Feet 14,181
Acres 0.9
Year 1959
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 10
Lot Size 200 x 204

4020 Glenwick Lane Sale Pending

University Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: September 18, 2023
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
10,111 0.6 2019 5 7 100x245
SQ. Feet 10,111
Acres 0.6
Year 2019
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 7
Lot Size 100x245

Map of Volk Estates Homes for Sale

Neighborhoods within Volk Estates

Volk Estates is made up of three smaller neighborhoods inside University Park. Click on the map and discover each specific neighborhood as you explore homes for sale marked in red and lots for sale marked in green in each Volk Estates neighborhood.

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Neighborhoods of Volk Estates

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