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Douglas Newby Has More Experience and Greater Global Reach Than Any Other Real Estate Agent in Dallas

Douglas Newby, a national award-winning realtor, through decades of selling and helping buyers purchase architecturally significant homes, knows best the potential inventory of architecturally significant homes with the characteristics that make people happy, and homes with the most inherent value in the finest neighborhoods.

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Further, Douglas Newby understands the nuances of each neighborhood. Understanding inventory is more than relying on MLS or “hip pockets.” It is approaching the market as if every home in Dallas is for sale. When a buyer looks for a home from that perspective, they are not constrained by a random slice of what is presently on the market or hoping something better will magically come on the market. A traditional approach leaves economics and aesthetics to chance. For decades Douglas Newby has identified architecturally significant homes and helped clients select neighborhoods in good locations that make them happy.

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The majority of Douglas Newby transactions are not through MLS. Values are determined by more important criteria than what has sold in the last six months. Homes are more important now than they have ever been. If you want more than an agent who will point out amenities and statistics, if you want an advisor, someone knowledgeable, experienced and someone you would like to collaborate with, then you should contact Douglas Newby.

He loves working with smart people who understand a home is an important economic investment and an important investment in a place that will make them happy living, working or playing in the home.

Douglas Newby will be able to share insights regarding the evolution of Dallas neighborhoods, the most talented Dallas architects, and the nuances of the Dallas real estate market. Whether you have an architecturally significant home you desire to sell or you are looking for an architect designed home on a great site that will bring you years of happiness, he will will bring you great benefit.

Douglas Newby is smart, understanding, passionate, empathetic, and collaborative. You will enjoy his brilliance, depth, care, and occasional sense of humor.