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All the discussion and text you will find on this website has been written by Real Estate Broker Douglas Newby. Writing about neighborhoods and the homes I offer for sale allows me to better understand their attributes, value and contribution to Dallas, which allows buyers to make a more intelligent and reasoned decision.

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Revitalization of Munger Place and Old East Dallas

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Communication is sharing information that benefits the participants. Douglas Newby understands a meaningful collaboration of client and broker results in the most successful transactions. Douglas Newby will benefit you because he understands Dallas and the inherent qualities in the home you wish to buy or sell.

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Douglas, thanks for all you do to promote and preserve great architecture AND for charting my path to world domination.

All the best,

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Dear Doug, What a great article in last Sunday’s Dallas Morning News. Keeping historic qualities alive in Dallas architecture is truly important to all of us. Thanks for your many efforts.

– Sincerely,
Brent Byers, AIA

Douglas Newby specializes in estate homes, architecturally significant, historic and architect designed homes in Dallas and its finest neighborhoods: Preston Hollow, Highland Park, Turtle Creek, Greenway Parks, Volk Estates, Bluffview, Lakewood, Swiss Avenue, White Rock Lake, Munger Place, Park Cities and dramatic building sites desired by Dallas’ best architects.

Douglas Newby is a knowledgeable, experienced broker keenly interested in art, architecture, history, and the character and well-being of Dallas. Douglas Newby & Associates understand Dallas as a city of distinct neighborhoods, landmark homes, and important estates. Whether relocation has taken you to Dallas or you are already a Dallas resident, have Douglas Newby represent you if you are looking for or selling a special home or building site. Douglas Newby benefits you by knowing how to structure and communicate a deal that accomplishes or exceeds your goals.

Dear Doug, Thank you so much for your recent update on Dallas real estate. I always learn so much from you.

– Dawna Richter

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Dear Douglas, I was very happy to speak with you this morning. I fear I do not speak or write so eloquently. But I speak from my heart when I write. I was so taken back by your article that I was almost in tears.

I am writing my dissertation on architecture and music and the Stretto House in particular. I came across your site and it was very helpful in my introductory paragraph on architecture around Dallas. It really is good, and I thank you!

– Alissa Roosa
Cleveland, OH

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Thank you, Douglas for the copy of the “Real Estate Magazine” and for your mention of me, together with Virginia and Sheila in the article and congratulations on the excellence of your comments throughout the article.

The cover is great and you look like a handsome diplomat and certainly the photograph with your library as a background is “Douglas Newby personified”!

You have created a remarkable niche in our market like none other.  I have great respect for you and fond regards.

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I can’t emphasize enough that Dallas is not an old-school, uncrackable, inbred environment. This is the most open city in the country. You have third- and fourth-generation important families, and you also have new wealth, and you have people moving here. They might enjoy going to New York for the museums and culture, and they might have a vacation home in Santa Barbara or Malibu. But nobody that is seeking out Dallas lives in awe of L.A. They are not impressed.

-Douglas Newby
Texas Monthly August 2023

Doug – it’s all coming together.  Takes 10 years to be an overnight success.  Your idea of submitting success stories is taking shape.  The book will be birthed soon.  The road show is heating up.  The social media seeds have been planted.

The germ of all these ideas, and the subtle inspiration, came from you, Doug Newby.  With much appreciation for your support along the way.  Looking forward to what’s….next.

Warm regards,
Andrea Kates
Distinguished Author and Business Leader

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One of my TED memories is you and Chris (4Chan) talking urban architecture.  You truly have a way with talented young people – I’m not sure how the algorithm knows that, but I’m glad it does!  Lucky Fellows!

See you very soon….
Ruth Ann Harnisch
Thought Leader

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How A City Can Flourish – What to Avoid and What to Pursue

Harper Belmont Media interviewed Douglas Newby for a documentary they were doing on short-term rentals (STRs).  Here are 20 video clips taken from that interview where I am discussing additional dwelling units (ADUs) and STRs and what happens when density is added to single-family zoned neighborhoods.

The phone is still ringing about our seminar on ‘The Character of Dallas’ and I have heard so many people express their appreciation for your remarks and admiration of your work in the city to build a better Dallas.

Gail Thomas
The Center for the City
The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

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My discovery of Douglas Newby of Douglas Newby & Associates and his lifelong passion for historical architecture was a blessing. His efforts to create a resource for architecturally significant homes in Texas is a well-recognized and ongoing love affair.

– Linda Leigh Paul,
Author Haciendas: Spanish Colonial
Houses in the U.S. and Mexico

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