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If you are considering selling your Preston Hollow home, we will bring you the best results as we best understand your home and the potential buyers. Call me to see if I should represent you in selling your Preston Hollow home.

Preston Hollow Neighborhood

Discover the 43 Neighborhoods That Comprise The Preston Hollow Estate Area

My mission is to help you to evaluate the aesthetics and value of each Preston Hollow home for sale and the desirability and value of each Preston Hollow site. Preston Hollow first appears as an endless number of beautiful estate properties found on the formal streets of the country lanes of the neighborhood. In fact, there are a surprisingly small number of estate homes on multiple acres of land, and not a very large number of homes on over one acre of land, each with distinct characteristics and desirability.

The estate area of Preston Hollow consists of neighborhoods of country lanes, prominent streets and hidden houses reminiscent of New England. Preston Hollow offers many of the most exceptional and desired homes in Dallas including the Crespi / Hicks Estate which is considered the finest estate homes in America.

Mayflower Estates Embodies all the Finest Attributes of a Dallas Estate Neighborhood

Many are not even aware of Mayflower Estates because it is a small, hidden neighborhood of architect designed modern homes and estate homes not visible from their quiet, winding streets. Those in the know, like President and Mrs. George Bush, recognize Mayflower Estates as the most desirable and prestigious neighborhood in Dallas.  

Neighborhoods of Preston Hollow

Discover Forty-Three Specific Neighborhoods Within the Preston Hollow Estate Area

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See Best Neighborhoods Found in Walnut Hill to Forest Lane[-]See Best Neighborhoods Found in Walnut Hill to Forest Lane[+]
See Best Neighborhoods Found in West of Midway Road[-]See Best Neighborhoods Found in West of Midway Road[+]
See Best Neighborhoods Found in Bluffview Area[-]See Best Neighborhoods Found in Bluffview Area[+]

Some of the Homes found in Preston Hollow Neighborhood

9839 Rockbrook Drive - Max Levy Addition

Photographs of Max Levy-Designed Addition

Modern Addition Designed by Max Levy, FAIA

No other broker could have handled a transaction of this magnitude and complexity with as much grace, sensitivity and confidentiality.

Preston Hollow French Chateau Home sitting on 11.23 Acres

- Robert Wigley
Trustee of Crespi Estate
Former Vice Chairman E.F. Hutton

Map of Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow Map of Preston Hollow Neighborhoods

Preston Hollow is one of the featured neighborhoods found in the Dallas area. Preston Hollow is made up of four smaller neighborhoods inside Preston Hollow. Click on the map and discover each specific neighborhood as you explore this area.

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Preston Hollow is the Private School Corridor of Dallas

In Preston Hollow the children are not as apt to walk to school as the students in the Park Cities, but they all live close enough to each other to visit and play on the large estate lots in the Preston Hollow neighborhood.

Architect Designed Home in Preston Hollow

Some of the meritorious historic homes were designed by internationally prominent architects like Maurice Fatio in the first half of the 20th century and recently some of the largest mansions in an Edwardian style, Mediterranean style, Italian style, French style or Neo-Classical style have been designed by architects including Larry Boerder, Cole Smith, and Richard Drummond Davis.

Also, you will discover midcentury modern homes designed by internationally recognized architects like Harwell Hamilton Harris, Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, O’Neil Ford and recent modern homes by important architects including Richard Meier, David George, Frank Welch, Max Levy, Lionel Morrison, Gary Cunningham and many other talented Dallas architects. The estate neighborhood varies in style as much as the design of the homes found here. Whether you prefer pronounced topography and a hidden house or a home on a prominent and visible site, or one with broad lawns or small lakes or rugged creeks, we will help you determine the best home and site in the Preston Hollow estate area.

Your interest in Preston Hollow homes for sale focuses on the desirability of each neighborhood and each street in Preston Hollow. Douglas Newby will help evaluate the aesthetics and value of each Preston Hollow home for sale, and the desirability and value of each specific Preston Hollow location. The estate area of Preston Hollow consists of neighborhoods of country lanes reminiscent of New England that boast some of the most exceptional and desired homes in Dallas. Some of the meritorious historic homes were built by prominent architects in the early part of the 20th century and some of the largest Dallas mansions are just being completed. Intermixed are modern homes and mid century modern homes designed by nationally recognized architects. You will also find as part of Preston Hollow real estate the largest collection of important Dallas estate homes with styles including Mediterranean style, French style, New England style, Italian style, Neoclassical style and English Tudor style. You will find specific estate area neighborhoods below, Preston Hollow, Bluffview, North of Wallnut Hill

Crespi Hicks Estate - Sold

See Huffington Post article, "Crespi / Hicks Estate: A Cultural Icon Comes on the Market"

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