Cole Smith, Dallas Architect

Past Dallas and Texas Architect

Cole Smith, a partner at Smith, Ekblad & Associates, is one of the most prominent and important architects in Dallas. He has faithfully recreated designs from Europe and secured craftsmen and tradesmen from around the world to detail these eclectic homes. He is responsible for one of the most magnificent homes in Dallas at 5323 Park Lane.

Example of Homes Architect Cole Smith Designed

5323 Park Lane, Dallas, Texas

4616 Saint Johns Drive, Dallas, Texas

4241 Bordeaux Avenue, Dallas, Texas

4416 Lakeside Drive, Dallas, Texas

Often we not only lose good houses to new construction, but we lose a beautiful site as a lot is scraped and flattened to accommodate the new house. This French style home differs from many new mansions imposed on Dallas because it respects the site.

4245 Armstrong Parkway, Dallas, Texas

5555 Waneta Drive, Dallas, Texas

4231 Fairfax Avenue, Dallas, Texas

4231 Fairfax Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas,Texas

3705 Princeton Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3705 Princeton Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas