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Douglas Newby Approach to Real Estate

Douglas Newby understands how architectural significance, neighborhoods, and nature are the foundation of homes that will make people happy and go up in value. He understands short- and long-term perspectives. In the short term, will the buyer love living in the home? In the long term, will the home increase in value? While the real estate industry is trained to look at comparables, Newby looks beyond the obvious. He looks for real value–the aesthetic and economic potential of the home. His prescient insight comes from his instinct, training, and passion.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University with a social science degree - anthropology, religion, psychology, studio art - he obtained another interdisciplinary degree, a master’s in public administration. His thesis: “Economic Benefits of Single-Family Rezoning to Revitalize an Inner-City Neighborhood.” Acclaimed artist friends encouraged his move to Munger Place. Others saw a distressed neighborhood; Newby saw towering trees, a sense of community, and historic homes that were added to the National Register. Putting his single-family thesis to work, Munger Place was rezoned single family; Federal National Mortgage Association made its first inner-city loans here, calling it the most successful revitalization in the country. Munger Place prices have gone up 10,000% since Newby first shared his vision.

His insight is even more significant in expensive neighborhoods. When REALTORS® and appraisers valued land in Mayflower Estates at half the value of land in Preston Hollow, Newby took the position that Mayflower Estates had more intrinsic value and went on to sell the most expensive Dallas home there. Land began selling for more in Mayflower Estates than Preston Hollow. Munger Place and Mayflower Estates are opposite extremes, but the result is the same--Newby has consistently sold properties for record-setting prices. A buyer who is the first to recognize the distinct attributes of a home, site, or neighborhood can pay a record-breaking price and enjoy investment returns that outperform the market.

“Global real estate companies follow a cookbook approach to marketing properties,” Newby says. “My bespoke approach brings global attention to the attributes of each architecturally significant home and neighborhood, enhancing values, helping sellers command the best prices and buyers to find homes they love.”

We Embrace Your Approach to Real Estate

My favorite victory is when a client achieves all of his or her dreams and objectives with grace, efficiency and goodwill.

-Douglas Newby

We recognize that you are accustomed to success and have a discerning eye that allows you to acquire only what is truly good. We understand your time is your most valuable asset. When you are purchasing a home, we share your desire to obtain the finest home at the best price and with the most real value. We also recognize your current home might be the best home for you and will often encourage clients to reimagine their current home for the next phase of life.

When you are selling, the quality, aesthetic and value of your home should be articulated and illuminated in a way that is clear and inspiring.

The Role of Realtor as Real Estate Gatekeeper Has Ended

A generation ago, realtors were the only ones with access to the homes listed and printed in MLS books. The fee paid to a real estate agent was, in effect, a tariff paid to give buyers’ access to the information on homes for sale in MLS printed in book form.

The more a buyer understands a home, the more value the home has.

-Douglas Newby

Sharing Ideas, Themes and Interpreting the Market

Now, as you already know, it’s very easy for anyone with an Internet connection to go online to find homes for sale in the MLS. Statistics and real estate information is also readily available from the Dallas County Appraisal District’s Web site and other Internet resources.

The Smartest People Understand the Real Value of a Real Estate Broker

As a real estate broker, I share ideas and themes with my clients, and help them interpret the real estate market and the homes offered for sale.

-Douglas Newby

Smart people realize there is no longer a need for the old notion of realtors as “ticket takers” and “gatekeepers.” Increasingly, there is an awareness of the real value a realtor can provide in an environment where basic information is widely available.

You don’t take an inventory of houses, and simply tally how many closets or how many dishwashers each has. Anyone can do that. You interpret a home.

- Kirby Allison
Founder and Owner of Hanger Project

Accurately evaluating the benefits of selling, holding or buying a home creates opportunities for a client that result in a great investment and a great home.

You don’t think like a real estate agent, you think like a investment banker.

- Rosser
Merchant Banker

Patience, Persistence and Efficient

Whether you desire a home immediately or over a long horizon, I understand the importance of patience and persuasion.

-Douglas Newby

You may want us to help you find and purchase an architecturally significant home in one month, which we have accomplished for our clients. You might enjoy living in your current house and desire to purchase a very specific style, size and site for your next home and while you have the resources now, you are willing to wait two or three years for just the right home to become available.

Whatever your timeline for purchasing a home, we understand the need to be both patient and persistent in our efforts, we will keep you abreast of the market, continue to refine your criteria and identify potential homes that could be perfect, as they come on the market -- and even before they’re on the market.

You two have made the “house hunting” experience a breeze for both Alan and Mom.  Thank you for your patience and persistence – I know you must have questioned whether it would REALLY happen at times…hee!

Hope you enjoyed the holidays and I wish you both health, success and much happiness.

Elizabeth Fuller

When I Represent You

When helping you as a client buy or sell a home, I will be patient, persistent and efficient. Once you make an offer as a buyer or once a buyer makes an offer to you as a seller, I will expedite the graceful transaction that will exceed your goals and please all participants. Those in the industry who provide services that contribute to a closing know that I expect a quick response and the closest attention to detail during the course of the transaction and afterwards.

When we represent you as a buyer’s agent, we want you to be able to purchase a home that will make a positive impact on you, your family, your friends, your neighborhood and your city.

-Douglas Newby

Ease of Transition to Your New Home

The economics of a transaction are important, but the ease of the transition should be non-negotiable. Price can always be negotiated, but your convenience should never be compromised.

A beneficial timetable for closing and possession for both the buyer and the seller should be arrived at very early in the process, because this not only benefits the buyer and the seller, but it makes it that much easier to agree on price.

Douglas Newby has as an artist’s way of looking at the world and a businessman’s way of representing his clients.

-Connie Harkins
Real Estate Broker

How You Can Best Evaluate the Market

Once you know all the properties in an area that have the characteristics you desire, then you are in the best position to evaluate the homes currently being offered for sale.

-Douglas Newby

The aesthetic value of a home is the only aspect of a structure that can go up in value. Generic homes go down in value 2% to 2.5% per year. Not only do new homes age, but builder trade shows are always encouraging the latest trend in materials and design. In other words, architectural hemlines change quickly. Architect designed homes with classic proportions and restrained embellishments have a value that survives. Architect designed modern homes retain their value for many of the same reasons. A good modern home has beautiful proportions, is perfectly sited, and has an architectural point of view that is well articulated and not readily copied. Design with real value is timeless and will ultimately appreciate. This is the reason we work so diligently with our clients to evaluate the aesthetic value of the site and the design of the home.

It is important for you to know not just the home offered for sale, but the inventory of existing homes that match the specific characteristics of what you are looking for. This allows you to make a better determination on which home to buy, when to buy it and what price to pay for it.

One of the reasons I enjoy being a real estate broker is the opportunity to bring attention to homes being overlooked and in danger of being ignored or even discarded. Once my client reimagines and brings new life to such a home, it becomes the toast of the town.

-Douglas Newby

The Best Sites Continue to Grow in Value

“Location, location, location” is the old chestnut of the real estate business. I’d like to invite you to rethink that assumption. It is easy to know a good location, it is far more important to know a great site.

Popular locations come and go, but the best sites sustain their value.

-Douglas Newby

Often the best sites are overlooked. Sometimes the conditions that made a site seem less desirable change, but the marketplace is slow to adjust the negative perception. A good example are the Dallas neighborhoods that just a few years ago once had trains rumbling by their back doors and are backed by the quiet and beautifully landscaped Katy Trail. Another example is the lingering impression of White Rock Lake before it was dredged. Residents around the Lake are enjoying the clear water and newly designed bridges and paths long before the market fully recognizes the change and before prices rise according to the improved environment and increased desirability and demand.

The most difficult sites often turn into the most dramatic and engaging sites. From the street, a site might look small and hemmed, but its backyard or side yard may actually overlook a park or neighboring estate’s private garden.

How We Judge our Success

We judge our success by how long our clients enjoy and live in a home rather than how many houses we sell. What is memorable to me is the appreciation and profits my clients achieved when they did sell, not the tally of my sales in any given year.

Doug – Congratulations on receiving the award for Best Luxury Property Marketing Campaign!  That was such a nice article about you in the DMN.  We are proud of your work and your community involvement.

Becky Sykes
Executive Director
Dallas Women’s Foundation
Northern Hills Homeowner

Clients who select Realtor Douglas Newby understand they are contributing to the fabric of the community.