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Third Section of Old Highland Park Neighborhood

Highland Park Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Third Section of Old Highland Park

In 1915 the 73 acre third addition was developed with large lots. This architecturally significant neighborhood is most closely associated with the 56 acre Dallas Country Club, the oldest Country Club in Dallas. The Fairfield street boundary runs along the fairways of the Dallas Country Club. Mockingbird and Beverly both have entrances to the clubhouse. Drexel and Hackberry Creek make up the final boundary. See More

Today's New Third Section of Old Highland Park Listings and MLS Status Changes

Keep Current with Third Section of Old Highland Park Home Market

3704 Stratford Avenue

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: September 13, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
8,166 0.3 2021 5 5 70x208
SQ. Feet 8,166
Acres 0.3
Year 2021
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Lot Size 70x208

3644 Beverly Drive

Highland Park, Texas 75205
Listing Date: June 2, 2021
SQ. Feet Acres Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Lot Size
8,866 0.6 1923 7 9 100x266
SQ. Feet 8,866
Acres 0.6
Year 1923
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 9
Lot Size 100x266

Third Section of Old Highland Park Map

Third Section of Old Highland Park inside Old Highland Park. Click on the map and discover homes for sale as you explore this neighborhood.

The Best Homes in Third Section of Old Highland Park Neighborhood

3633 Maplewood Avenue

House in Highland Park - 3633 Maplewood Avenue

Old Highland Park House Built In 1916

3800 Stratford Avenue

Residence in Highland Park - 3800 Stratford Avenue

Highland Park Residence Built In 2006

3801 Mockingbird Lane

Real Estate Designed by Architect Frank Welch - 3801 Mockingbird Lane

Architect Frank Welch Designed Real Estate Built In 1983

3805 Maplewood Avenue

Home in Highland Park - 3805 Maplewood Avenue

Old Highland Park Home Built In 1917

3836 Stratford Avenue

Residence in Highland Park - 3836 Stratford Avenue

Highland Park Residence Built In 1984

3806 Beverly Drive

Home Designed by Architect Lang & Witchell - 3806 Beverly Drive

Architect Lang & Witchell Designed Home Built In 1934

3637 Stratford Avenue

English Home Designed by Architect Richard Drummond Davis - 3637 Stratford Avenue

Architect Richard Drummond Davis Designed English Home Built In 2001

3800 Maplewood Avenue

Significant Dutch Colonial Real Estate in Highland Park - 3800 Maplewood Avenue

Old Highland Park Significant Dutch Colonial Real Estate Built In 1913

3628 Beverly Drive

Residence in Highland Park - 3628 Beverly Drive

Highland Park Residence Built In 2002

3657 Maplewood Avenue

Mediterranean Residence Designed by Architect Wilson Fuqua - 3657 Maplewood Avenue

Architect Wilson Fuqua Designed Mediterranean Residence Built In 1990

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Third Section of Old Highland Park Neighborhood - Continued

Beverly Drive is considered one of the most prestigious addresses and a street associated with magnificent homes. Maplewood and Stratford are many people's favorite streets. They are also wide, but have no through traffic since they end at the golf course and Hackberry Creek. Many of the original homes have survived and are as gracious as ever.

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