French Eclectic Style Architecture

Dallas Eclectic Architecture

French Eclectic homes designed primarily between 1915 and 1945 had steeply pitched roofs and flared eaves and the homes had some decorative half timbering, but not excessively used as in the Tudor homes. Often they had a tower with a conical roof. They varied widely in styles derived from different parts of France but they lacked the classical direction of the French eclectic homes built in the second half of the twentieth century.

4416 Lakeside Drive, Dallas, Texas

Often we not only lose good houses to new construction, but we lose a beautiful site as a lot is scraped and flattened to accommodate the new house. This French style home differs from many new mansions imposed on Dallas because it respects the site.

5500 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas

5500 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, Texas, is the patron house of the Preservation Dallas 50th Anniversary Home Tour.

Many consider the Aldredge House, a French Eclectic style home with Renaissance detailing, the high mark of eclectic architecture by Hal Thomson. The home is owned by the Dallas County Medical Auxiliary. 5500 Swiss was designed by Hal Thomson in 1917.