Beaux Arts Style Architecture

Dallas Eclectic Architecture

Society architects from the 1880s to the 1920s often studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts in France, thus the name, Beaux Arts style. Classical forms and proportions were the basis of these elaborately decorated and embellished structures that held so much appeal to the industrialists desiring lavish homes.

4101 Beverly Drive, Dallas, Texas

Beverly Drive

The home at 4101 Beverly designed in 1912 expresses the exuberant grandeur of Beaux-Arts mansions. 4101 Beverly is still the centerpiece of Highland Park, across from the Country Club on Beverly and Preston. Italianate influence is seen in the colonnaded second story porch and entry and the flat roof lined with balustrades.

4607 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas

Ross Avenue was a street with house after house of individual splendor. On the edge of town, each mansion was built with the proper amount of land and magnificence to make it its own destination point. Early pictures show croquet being played on the lawns and exquisitely dressed ladies sipping lemonade on the front porches. This era combined opulence and craftsmanship as does the Alexander Mansion now owned by the Dallas Woman’s Forum.

106 South Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas