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Douglas Newby
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Shared Values

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Douglas Newby & Associates Shares Your Values

If you enjoy contributing to the community personally, professionally, if you own or desire a home that contributes aesthetically and architecturally to the neighborhood and city, your commitment to the community is a value we share.

In a profession filled with ticket takers, Douglas Newby redefined real estate as a real estate broker who made a difference to his clients, both buyers and sellers, and to the community.

- Dan Fry

Hello Doug,

I just wanted to thank you for your example of excellence which is so clear from reading your website. I love your quotes, values, and approach – all of these are extremely inspirational and quite profound. I appreciate you setting a standard which challenges me to be better and serve my clients with the ultimate goal of “grace, efficiency, and goodwill” in their achievement of their “dreams and objectives.”

- Brandon Jozwiak
Realtor, Durham, NC

Significant Homes Placed in Good Hands

We want you to benefit from our representation and enjoy the process as much as you will enjoy the home.

-Douglas Newby

We know that every time one of our clients buys or sells a home, the property is placed in good hands and the home will continue to contribute to the architectural landscape of Dallas in a meaningful way.

Our Clients Join Us in Contributing to the Architectural Landscape

Our clients know that when they buy or sell a home, a portion of the fee earned by us, their real estate broker, goes to documenting, articulating, illuminating, preserving and creating a superior architectural landscape of architecturally significant homes, estate homes, historic homes, period modern homes, midcentury modern homes and new homes designed by the finest architects.

It was so special to hear your obvious love of architecture and of Dallas.   We are so fortunate as a community to have a person of your professionalism and knowledge representing the efforts of those that care about environments of refinement and grace.  Unfortunately, so many in the profession have no understanding of the factors that are so essential in creating the unique and special places.

I was working in the darkroom.  The hour was over almost before it began, because you love your subject.

Thanks for sharing.  It was the perfect gift for us listening.

David Gibson
Northern Heights Homeowner

Dear Doug,

If people think you and I have a mutual admiration club going, it’s true!

Thank you for your latest evidence – your note and your check to the SMU Archives Women of the Southwest – both are much appreciated.

Happy New Year, Doug and warmest best wishes for continued good will toward men and women – especially women! You are a special personality. I like you!

Dallas Co-Founder of MLS

Realtor Douglas Newby provides the insight to ensure you make an inspired purchase.