Highland Park Architecturally Significant Home by Architect Herbert M. Greene

4511 Highland Drive, Dallas, Highland Park, Texas
This historically and architecturally significant home in Old Highland Park looks over Hackberry Creek.

4511 Highland Drive, Dallas, Texas

Iconic architect Herbert M. Greene designed this architecturally significant home for his family. Some of my favorite homes are homes that prominent architects designed for themselves and their family. These homes showcase architectural significance and also the personality and care of the architect. What makes it even more significant and special is that it has remained in the family for three generations. I recall when his grandson, John Greene Taylor, called me about the home that he lived in for several decades before his death in 2022. He loved the home and lived in it to the very end with dignity and joy. I also have always liked homes on Highland Drive, as they sit across from Hackberry Creek and behind them are the estate homes on Lakeside Drive overlooking Turtle Creek. This home is sited on the high point of Highland Drive, allowing views of the trees that line Hackberry Creek and Turtle Creek. It is a special home that many homeowners will want to preserve, renovate, and enjoy for their families for the next two or three generations.