Goodwin and Tatum Design

Turtle Creek Park Colonial Revival Home

3500 Rock Creek Drive, Dallas, Texas

Turtle Creek Park Colonial Revival

Goodwin and Tatum designed this Colonial Revival home for Henry W. Strasberger, the founder of one of Dallas’ oldest law firms, and his wife, who was an architectural student at the time. It has always been one of Dallas’ favorite homes. Not because it is grand with imposing ceilings or dramatic architecture, but just the opposite. Its appeal comes from being sympathetic and authentic to its immediate surroundings of Rock Creek lined with dense forest and the topography and winding streets you find in this secluded neighborhood of Turtle Creek Park. In this setting, the random cut stone winding up to the front door is charming, not contrived. The wood shingles cantilevered over the first floor of random cut country stone are warm and inviting, not flimsy or without weight. Wings, sun porches and curved bay walls suggest real places to enjoy the views. This home represents a residence as a retreat or refuge and still a beacon of hospitality. In 1983, architects Robbie Fusch and Wilson Fuqua were invited by the granddaughter to expand the home which they did within the spirit of the original design.