Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home

Pool at White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake

When evaluating architecturally significant homes, I always consider how the home relates to its site and its impact on the neighborhood. Then I admire the architectural appeal and, finally and most important, I consider if this home would make one happy living in the home. This modern home designed by Clifford Miles Welch is exemplary in all aspects. Found on the estate cove of White Rock Lake, this contemporary home is sited on a smaller lot than many of the homes found here on one to several acres. However, architect Cliff Welch exploited the views of White Rock Lake and the home’s relationship with the lake like few others.

Elevated wide cantilevered porches and terraces push the living space close to the lake, enhancing the views and summer breezes. The deliberately chosen exterior materials of the home accentuate the forested edge of White Rock Lake and the sense of nature that White Rock Lake represents. The elegant design culminates in a home that would make any homeowner happy to live in. Much sunlight permeates the interior comprised of warm materials. Definitive spaces are linked to provide open spaces, views across the home and to the outside. While the living spaces relate to the views of the lake and trails, the front door opens to a quiet street of The Cloisters, a small neighborhood adjacent to the lake. The home has the advantage of relating to a friendly neighborhood while also having the grand views of White Rock Lake.

Architect Cliff Welch has designed many modest homes of significance with great attention to detail that homeowners love being in. This architecturally significant home certainly represents Cliff Welch well.  In addition, Allen Kirsch adds his talents as the home’s interior designer.