Clifford D. Hutsell Designed Architecturally Significant Spanish Colonial House

East Dallas Neighborhood Home

7035 Lakewood Boulevard, Dallas, Texas

Clifford D. Hutsell designed this Lakewood home for himself in 1930. At a cost of $10,000, this was one of the most expensive new residences in Lakewood and the same cost as many of the mansions that had been built on Swiss 20 years earlier. Hutsell was a prolific Spanish Eclectic architect prior to building his own home, but his 1929 trip to California were he visited the home of cowboy star, Tom Mix, greatly influenced and refined his design for this home and others in the future. These elements included a round entry tower with a sloping peaked tile roof, a large parabolic arch, stained glassed windows and curtain rods and drapes on exterior windows. His earlier homes had towers but they were square with shed roof porches and rectangular or arched windows with straight sides. On this home, you’ll notice the low courtyard walls continue with the front plane of the living room, elaborate exterior metal work, and an octagonal fountain and other courtyard features. The inside includes the multi-colored roughly textured plaster that was his trademark and painted mural ceiling. The light cream-colored brick was used to simulate stucco since stucco was not allowed in the deed restrictions. You also will see his multi-colored Spanish tile roofs, rough hewn wood balconies and round clay tile pipes as gable vents.