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Oglesby·Greene is an architectural practice with a distinguished heritage. It is firmly rooted in an early influential and important modernist tradition of architecture. Its partners are committed to producing notable buildings, spaces and landscapes that are both timeless and of their time.

Examples of Homes Oglesby·Greene Designed

Glen Abbey Modern Home

Bedroom With Open View in Ogelsby Greene Designed Home
Bedroom With Open View in Ogelsby Greene Designed Home

40 Braewood Place, Dallas, Texas

Contemporary Home in Glen Abbey Neighborhood
Zillow Estimate: $5,326,694 Value
DCAD Value: $4,751,960

Architect Graham Greene of Oglesby•Greene Architects, recipient of the Dallas Chapter AIA 2010 Firm of the Year Award, designed this award-winning home. This home at 40 Braewood Place also received the 2010 AIA Interior Architecture Design Award.

Here is a home that looks traditional as it almost disappears from the street, but then as you walk next to a gurgling stream, down along the stone entrance path, under the canopy of a trellis and approach the front door, the blended nature of this magnificent modern home and dramatic site is revealed.

Still outside the front door, you can look through a glass-walled corridor into a garden, sweeping lawn and mature trees and see the gurgling stream reappear from under the entrance corridor, past a Koi pond, and flowing down a natural rock formation in a waterfall on its way to White Rock Creek below the bluff.

Contemporary Dallas Home Designed by Graham Greene

The home at 40 Braewood Place is a great example of how important a beautiful site is to a contemporary home.

Oglesby·Greene Designed Home at 1200 Monica Drive

1200 Monica Drive, Allen, Texas

LEED Gold Certified Home at Montgomery Farm in Collin County

In the conservation corridor of rapidly growing Allen, Texas in Collin County, you will find this architect designed modern home surrounded by 4.5 acres of protected land and common area in Montgomery Farm, a development dedicated to the finest architecture, protected open spaces, trees farms and the neighboring nature preserve. You will find this home exemplifies architecture, community, and sustainability.

Titche-Goettinger Building, Dallas, Texas

4606 Saint Johns Drive, Dallas, Texas

3727 Miramar Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3737 Shenandoah Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3840 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas

Thoughts on the Contributions of Architect Oglesby·Greene Continued

The architects at Oglesby·Greene consider the basis of their architecture nature itself, the most timeless of design. A good example of this is the home in the Glen Abbey neighborhood pictured below designed by architect Graham Greene.

Rich Materiality of their Structures and Surfaces

In contrast to white box modern architecture, one can see in the work of Oglesby·Greene the rich materiality of their structures and surfaces. Real and conceptual connections, they make with the material environment. Their thoughtful placement and refinement of the structural elements, position and orientation of transparent membranes come together to define the architecture and illuminate the architectural space. Color palettes of Oglesby·Greene are developed as the project’s derivatives of the many natural phenomenons found at a site. Oglesby·Greene has focused on the quality of the project they accept rather than the type of project. The firm has designed corporate headquarters, municipal buildings, visitor centers, healthcare centers, sacred spaces, schools, homes, multi family residences, and the renovation and reuse of historic buildings.

Architect Oglesby·Greene Designed Home
Architect Graham Greene Designed Home Overlooking Pool, Property, and Nature Preserve

Dallas AIA – 2010 Firm of the Year

The family tree of architects is always interesting. The Oglesby firm has influenced and trained two generations of many of the best architects in Dallas. Oglesby·Greene is the evolution of a firm crated in 1950, with a corporation created in 1968 and merging with the office of Graham Greene in 1995 to its current state. Joe M. McCall, FAIA, has been with the firm since 1975 and the firm has been at its downtown Dallas location on San Jacinto since 1968. The senior principals have worked together for 30 years. The size of the firm is large enough to design large projects and small enough to attract great talent. Oglesby·Greene won both the 2010 AIA and Texas Society of Architects Firm of the Year. This is a firm we can count on to continue designing sustainable, enduring projects.