Bernbaum Magadini

Dallas and Texas Architect

An architectural firm founded by Bruce Bernbaum, AIA and Patricia Magadini, AIA, Bernbaum Magadini has designed modern homes in Dallas including 5370 Meaders Lane in Preston Hollow.

Dallas architect, Bruce Bernbaum of Bernbaum Magadini Architects approaches each project with talent and grace paying close attention to the desires of his client, whether it involves a modern or eclectic residence or renovating an existing structure. This ability to refine and execute rather than impose, has created a diverse body of work with successful outcomes.

Example of Homes Architect Bernbaum Magadini Designed.

Preston Hollow Estate Home Designed by Architectural Firm Bernbaum Magadini

Turtle Creek Area Architect Designed Home

Architect Bruce Bernbaum was the renovation architect of 3832 Turtle Creek Drive. Jerry Sporleader was the original owner of the home designed by Downing Thomas and Bill Booziotis. The Carrs have expanded the house using Michael Lee and Emily Summers. The house is at the base of a steep hill overlooking Turtle Creek and the high-rises in the distance. The Carrs state that they enjoy the simple lines, and true house feeling, and the contemporary setting in the middle of an urban area. On Turtle Creek Drive a person finds garages turned into townhouses, historic estates, modern houses, new houses, and yet their is nothing visually incongruous about the different approaches to this private drive.

6 Vanguard Way, Dallas, Texas

Architects Bruce Bernbaum and Patricia Magadini designed this Urban Reserve 2,478 sf modern home.

Bruce Bernbaum and Patricia Magadini are prolific architects in Dallas who designed this 2,478 square foot contemporary home on Vanguard Way in the Urban Reserve Dallas neighborhood.

3756 Armstrong Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3756 Armstrong Avenue, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas

7715 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas

7715 Northaven Road, Dallas, Texas