Weldon Turner, Dallas Architect

Dallas and Texas Architect

Architect Weldon Turner, founder and principal of Turner Boaz Architecture Firm, is a modernist who explores eclectic design. Site, design and execution are emphasized in his work. You will see in estate homes Weldon Turner designs that he successfully integrates the architecture, the interior and the landscape. The consistently superior quality materials specified and deployed further unifies the exterior, interior and landscape.

Example of Homes Architect Weldon Turner Designed

3800 Miramar Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3807 Miramar Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3807 Miramar Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3824 Miramar Avenue, Dallas, Texas

3824 Miramar Avenue found in Highland Park Dallas neighborhood.

Weldon Turner Designed Home in Vaquero

The hierarchy of well proportioned rooms Weldon Turner designs and how they relate to the site enhance the views and the movement of people across courtyards and interior and outdoor spaces. In these photographs you will see the precision of Weldon Turner’s work. The barrel vault is built in the Roman tradition with the stone blocks acting in compression. You will also see in the barrel vault four-foot deep and wide blocks of stone with elliptical core windows illuminating the room. Other windows might be comprised of stone mullions and inch thick cast glass. Also giving his clients an advantage is Weldon Turner’s early work with HKS, the nation’s second largest architectural firm, which trained him to create drawings and specs with the great detail and precision that one might expect on an elaborate skyscraper or commercial building.

Weldon Turner Designed Home on Colonial Parkway

Working with sophisticated clients, Weldon Turner has designed homes that explore European design in a modern way and modern homes in a regional or indigenous manner.

Elegance Relevant to its Surroundings

Whether sited on a Dallas estate property, a golf course or a second home sited in the mountains or on the beach in the Bahamas, Weldon Turner brings to homes grace and elegance relevant to its surroundings.