Greg Wyatt, Dallas Architect

Dallas and Texas Architect

Greg Wyatt is a Dallas architect who examines and reflects the rich regional architectural history of Dallas and Texas. He also draws from the preceding architects who have made a mark on the design of Dallas.  You will see the indigenous influence of Texas Modern architects David Williams and O’Neil Ford and the early 20th century Highland Park architects like Fooshee and Cheek who designed elegant Mediterranean homes, and one of the most prolific Dallas estate home architects, Cole Smith. Architect Greg Wyatt continues in their tradition to design homes with beautiful proportions, grace and finely determined detail.  You will see in these homes, both large and larger, a consistent intimacy, warmth and views that come from a craftsmanship that lends itself to a sense of nature.

Example of Significant Homes Designed by Architect Greg Wyatt

Greenway Parks Home by Architect Greg Wyatt

Greenway Parks Motor Court

Architect Greg Wyatt designed an elegant Greenway Parks Mediterranean style home in the spirit of the original Mediterranean style home designed in Greenway Parks and Highland Park by architects Fooshee and Cheek, which give it neighborhood context.  The Ludowici tile roof and the grace and balance of the home are reminiscent of the finest early 20th century Dallas homes.

University Park Estate Home

Turtle Creek Entry

Maybe once a decade an architect will design a home that is built in Dallas that redefines how we think of estate homes only a few miles from the Arts District in downtown Dallas.  This Turtle Creek estate home is built on a site that I determined was the best site in the Park Cities when I was coordinating the AIA Dallas Chapter’s list of 50 Significant Homes for their 50th Anniversary.

Texas Lodge – Architect Greg Wyatt and Associates

Main Room in Texas Lodge

I see people take two different approaches for their country homes or second homes on a lake or in the mountains. Some in Dallas have a very large formal home in Dallas and a much more casual and modestly sized second home at the lake, mountains or in the country to which they escape. Others in Dallas, regardless of the size of their Dallas home, take advantage of the vast amount of land not found in a city. Some owners might call their very large homes cabins to create a sense of warmth and outdoors regardless of their size. There is no pretense with this home.

Rio Vista Home – Greg Wyatt, Architect

Texas Driveway

We see again that architect Greg Wyatt’s work exemplifies precise detail and beautiful materials as he creates a delightful second home for a Dallas family.

4109 West Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas

Greg Wyatt Home on Rockbrook

Greg Wyatt, Somervell County Home

Greg Wyatt Designed McCulloch County, Texas Home

Thoughts on the Contributions of Architect Greg Wyatt

Greg Wyatt received his architecture degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, proceeded with a two-year apprenticeship with the architectural firm Myrick-Newman-Dahlberg and an eight-year tenure with the architectural firm of Smith, Ekblad & Associates.

Architect Greg Wyatt and associate Dean Smith, architect, who both came out of Smith Ekblad & Associates are strongly influenced by the pragmatic demands of contemporary life and the rich history of European and Texas examples of architecture. It is easy to recognize the influence of Cole Smith on the work of Greg Wyatt and Dean Smith. One sees the architectural involvement in the carefully delineated and hand crafted details and their close involvement with the execution of their plans, details and designated materials.

You will find a timeless quality drawn from European masters, Dallas predecessors like Cole Smith and the grandfather of Texas Modernism, David Williams in the estate homes and country homes Greg Wyatt designs. Dallas has the best collection of 20th century architecture in North America because it draws from eclectic and regional traditions from across the country and from Dallas which also developed a very strong regional architectural style. Greg Wyatt draws from both influences that result in a variety of homes with a strong and successful point of view.