Cliff Welch, Dallas Architect

Dallas and Texas Modern Architect

Cliff Welch, FAIA, an award winning architect, received his training with Bud Oglesby and worked as a principal at Design International. His current work reflects his interest in 1950s modernism and his roots in Texas. His city and country residences successfully capture the essence of Texas Modernism and design. Cliff Welch has been a leader in exploring the best of modernism over the last five decades and making these elements relevant in today’s homes. He is a meticulous, thorough and thoughtful designer that is true to both his clients and his vision.

Examples of Modern Homes Architect Cliff Welch Designed

Preston Hollow Neighborhood Home

5430 Palomar Lane, Dallas, Texas
Cliff Welch explores and celebrates materials, space, and sunlight, in this Dallas modern home at 5430 Palomar Lane in Lobello Estates.

Preston Hollow Modern Home Designed by Cliff Welch

Front Entryway of Modern Home

Modern Home Designed by Cliff Welch

Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home
Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home

Cliff Welch Designed Modern Highrise

Central stone wall with kitchen, living and dining room

Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home in White Rock Lake

Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home in Highland Park

Front stone facade and entry
Front stone facade and entry

1907 Kessler Parkway, Dallas, Texas

AIA Dallas Tour of Homes Featuring Kessler Parkway Home
Exterior of Renovated Colonial Revival Home at the Foot of Coombs Creek Trail

Midcentury Modern Home in Highland North Neighborhood

10306 Crittendon Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75229
Home in Contemporary Style

10306 Crittendon Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75229

Award Winning Architect Arch Swank Designed This Modern Home – Sold by Douglas Newby

Arch Swank, one of the most accomplished modern architects in the 1950s, designed this architecturally significant modern home in 1957 in Highland North neighborhood located west of Midway Road. The architect was adept at siting the modern homes he designed on the most attractive land.

Arch Swank had the ability to incorporate the topography and create contemporary houses that embrace the nature around them. One sees examples of this at the early modern home he designed on 3514 Rock Creek Drive and this midcentury modern home on Crittendon Drive.

Cliff Welch Designed House

Architect Cliff Welch designed this guest pavilion at 9326 West Lake Highland Drive overlooking White Rock Lake. Here guests are enjoying a house concert.

9326 West Lake Highlands Drive, Dallas, Texas

Cliff Welch has designed this home to be built on West Lake Highlands overlooking White Rock Lake. Resin panels, white stucco and concrete blocks create a simple but dynamic 3,600 square foot main home surrounded by porches and verandahs and a 1,000 square foot guest house.

Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home

Pool at White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake

When evaluating architecturally significant homes, I always consider how the home relates to its site and its impact on the neighborhood. Then I admire the architectural appeal and, finally and most important, I consider if this home would make one happy living in the home. This modern home designed by Clifford Miles Welch is exemplary in all aspects. Found on the estate cove of White Rock Lake, this contemporary home is sited on a smaller lot than many of the homes found here on one to several acres. However, architect Cliff Welch exploited the views of White Rock Lake and the home’s relationship with the lake like few others.

White Rock Lake Modern Home

White Rock Lake Home

4765 Chapel Hill Road, Dallas, Texas

Chapel Hill Road

Cliff Welch, FAIA, reconnects with modern principles from the mid-century in this beautifully designed and crafted home sited along Humbard’s Branch. You are able to walk around the bend and down the hill to the glistening water and fresh paths of White Rock Lake.

Architect Cliff Welch Designed Modern Home

Glenn Allen Galaway Designed Architecturally Significant House

Cliff Welch Designed Renovation of Midcentury Modern Home
East Dallas Home sitting on 0.32 Acres

1019 Waterford Drive, Dallas, Texas

This home in Lake Park Estates is one of the most important midcentury modern homes in Dallas. It was designed by architect Glenn Allen Galaway for his own residence and was renovated by architect Cliff Welch, FAIA, also for his own residence. 

Galaway designed 1019 Waterford in 1954 for himself. It is a good example of a small house with a very sophisticated design. Twelve-foot sliding glass doors lead to the back yard and adjacent flood plain and green belt. Cliff Welch restored this residence for his own home. This home has since won a 25-year award from the Dallas Chapter AIA.

Cliff Welch Designed Modern House

Deep Ellum Real Estate
Deep Ellum Real Estate

Cliff Welch Modern House in East Dallas

Modern Residence
Modern Residence