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I have always been a huge advocate of the City Manager form of government until now -- I realized it exacerbates and feeds off of a ward system that needs reform. You can see my latest blog article, "City Manager Ward System Form of Government Needs Reform" on DouglasNewby.com. The current City Manager Ward System takes away the voters' control, hinders the progress of Dallas priorities, and the Mayor's initiatives. My conversion on this topic over the last two months has come from the Dallas Mayor's good initiatives being thwarted, and the City Manager's public and private disrespect for the Mayor and now many on the City Council. I wrote "City Manager Ward System Form of Government Needs Reform" before the Dallas Morning News broke the story that the City Manager's future will be reviewed by the City Council when they meet on Wednesday. The reason this called meeting has been so long coming is because a majority of the City Council cannot fire the City Manager. The City Manager only needs to keep six City Council members happy to keep his job. It will be interesting if the Mayor and the four City Council members that are on record for wanting to fire the City Manager will have a super-majority of the City Council to do so. I have tried in my blog article to give a fresh perspective of the history of the City Manager form of government and single member districts, and what has been brewing at City Hall between the Mayor and City Manager. The current City Manager ward system form of government needs reform if Dallas is going to continue to flourish. *City Manager Ward System

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