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Black Tie Afternoon

The Dallas Museum of Art opened the Cartier and Islamic Art: In Search of Modernity exhibit with a 5:30 to 8:00 black tie reception. New York Met Gala, Art Exhibitions, and Social Events are flourishing after a social sabbatical. Has there been a fashion reset? Does a mid-spring 90° afternoon influence one’s sartorial decisions? Liberties taken with black tie are often evident at the Oscars defining the too-cool-for-black-tie movement—no ties, long ties, and the latest fashion cliché, untied or loosely draped ties. Black tie and boots have long been a popular approach. My interpretation of a black tie afternoon Dallas Art Museum opening was black tie and slides. I was inspired by black tie and boots because of the long accepted blue jeans. White jeans (Loro Piana) seemed perfect for spring. Being a traditionalist, I thought it important to wear a proper black dinner jacket (my Savile Row tailor made my “tux” jacket and also organized my Emanuel Berg German-made pique shirt). The long Hermes gray tie wasn’t to eschew the black bow tie, but to tonally connect the black jacket and white jeans. The casually placed pocket square from Brooks Brothers also places me as a man of the people. The soft white eyeglass frames are from Barton Perreira. The foundation of the look is the black Hermes slides (Chypre). A nod to Cartier was the silver and black panther cufflinks. The only black tie convention that it hurt me to break was wearing a watch. However, a tribute to Cartier and their loaning such fabulous pieces from their permanent collection, I wore a black and silver Cartier S-watch. My pain was eased by the invitation showing an end time. For this black tie event, time did matter. Oh, and it occurred to me afterwards, maybe I am doing my part for gender progression by wearing open-toe shoes usually only acceptable for women at black tie parties. *Black Tie Afternoon

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