French Newspaper Libération Discusses With Douglas Newby

Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District and International Architects

Dallas archimégalo

Douglas Newby spoke with French journalist and United States Bureau Chief, Lorraine Millot, about the Dallas Arts District and Dallas architecture. Here are a few comments he made to Lorraine Millot along with the English translation. Below you can read the entire article written by this knowledgeable and talented writer who has previously lived in Germany and covered the German architectural revolution.

Dallas “loves thinking big”, explains Douglas Newby, real estate agent and author of a blog focused on the architecture of his Dallas. “If you want to get people excited here, you can’t think small, you have to say you’re going to raise 800 million dollars!” Other cities are just as rich, “but none of them have both the richness and philanthropic energy that Dallas has. Here, if you have the means, you are expected to give your money and your energy to the city.” Dallas is also a young city, that has always loved contemporary architecture, assures Mr. Newby. “We already have several buildings by Philip Johnson down town. And a theater by Frank Lloyd Wright. When you grow up with these kinds of buildings in the 1950s, you say to yourself, ‘Why not a bridge by Calatrava or a theater by Joshua Prince-Ramus for the years of 2000.’”.