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What to Expect From Pros

Park Cities People, February 2, 2006

Learn ins and outs of home projects management

What to Expect From ProsWhether you are remodeling redecorating buying or selling any action involving your home likely requires a trained professional. But with hundreds of choices in Dallas how do you find the right person And what can you do to manage the project without getting in the way of the pros?

Heres a guide straight from the mouths of the experts a Realtor con tractor architect and interior designer on what you can do to work with your pro to achieve domestic success.

The Architect

With 10 years experience Mark Barry of Barry Bull Ballas Design knows the importance of returning a phone call In his opinion a good architect always responds to a clients call Furthermore an architect listens to the client and provides creative designs To find a profes with these ties Barry suggests a reference from a rep contractor or a friend When you find an architect you like ask to see a look for good examples of past work and get a... See ARCHITECT Page 6D

The Contractor

When Barry Buford sees an ad for a contractor hes skeptical As the owner of Buford Builders Inc he knows that satisfied clients usually find a contractor Word of mouth seems to be the safest way because when people advertise you dont know what youre getting Buford said He suggests talking to friends and checking a contractors complete list of references When you find a contractor that you like discuss your expectations so he knows exactly what you want A good contractor will take the time to discuss the entire project before... See CONTRACTOR Page 6D

The Realtor

If you're looking for a real estate agent you need to find some one whose area of expertise matches your needs. Realtor Doug Newby for instance specializes in architecturally significant homes so he can help you buy or sell a historic estate. Newby encourages potential sellers to look for an agent who emphasizes quality over quantity. "Hire them for the money they will make you not the money they're making for themselves" said Newby "If an agent sells 100 houses in a year theyre not spending very much time on one house." See Page 6D

The Interior Designer

Interior Designer Margaret Chambers owner of The Chambers Collection loves her job She's passionate about antiques and furniture She has an excellent reputation and 30 years of experience Fortunately for her clients she has contacts hundreds of them and she belongs to the American Society of Interior Designers If you're in the market for an interior designer look for some one with a degree and at least 10 years experience because theres so much to know in this field Chambers said She suggests referrals from... See DESIGNER Page 6D

Clients who select Realtor Douglas Newby understand they are contributing to the fabric of the community.