Greenway Parks 21st Century Mediterranean Home

Neola Drive, Dallas, Texas

Architect Greg Wyatt designed an elegant Greenway Parks Mediterranean style home in the spirit of the original Mediterranean style home designed in Greenway Parks and Highland Park by architects Fooshee and Cheek, which give it neighborhood context.  The Ludowici tile roof and the grace and balance of the home are reminiscent of the finest early 20th century Dallas homes.  Here you will see Greg Wyatt create a 21st century interpretation that is even more refined and elegant.  Subliminally, one will quickly realize the architectural significance and design of this Greenway Parks home.  On a closer look, the layer of well-defined spaces and detail become very apparent.  Details create a rich texture for the home that visually blend in with the overall design of the home.  Porticos surrounding the home make the transition to nature which is what the Greenway Parks neighborhood is known for.