Go Big or Go Home

Main Room in Texas Lodge

Texas Lodge Designed by Greg Wyatt

I see people take two different approaches for their country homes or second homes on a lake or in the mountains. Some in Dallas have a very large formal home in Dallas and a much more casual and modestly sized second home at the lake, mountains or in the country to which they escape. Others in Dallas, regardless of the size of their Dallas home, take advantage of the vast amount of land not found in a city. Some owners might call their very large homes cabins to create a sense of warmth and outdoors regardless of their size. There is no pretense with this home. This second home was designed as a lodge—a large home intended for family, guests, events and even business gatherings. What is so interesting is that architect Greg Wyatt and his associates created a home that has every bit of rugged honesty and warmth of a small hand-crafted cabin.

My favorite summer memories center around a North Woods lodge. Here, close friends would convene in a 19th century logging lodge for meals in a large green veranda overlooking a glacial lake, and in the evening returning to the voluminous spaces of the lodge crafted from a virgin forest. The majesty of the space created awe and inspired creativity, fun and relaxation. Greg Wyatt created this same type of majesty through wood, stone and, most of all, craftsmanship. In Perigord in the Dordogne region of France, one almost stumbles onto castles, looking up and seeing an imposing structure. However, Wyatt and Associates did not strive to make this structure as grandiose as possible. Instead, the architecture comes from the materials and design of time honored lodges across North America. Just as yesterday’s craftsmen meticulously crafted buildings, this home is not big, but it is designed and crafted with precision.