E.G. Hamilton, Dallas Architect

Past Dallas and Texas Architect

Dallas architect, E.G. Hamilton has most recently designed a modern home for himself on Abbott. He is a founding partner of Omni Plan, best known for designing North Park. He designed one of Dallas’ most significant homes on Crescent with his continuous planes delineating interior and exterior rooms and spaces. E. G. Hamilton said, “Architects can’t talk about good taste,” but you can see, both in his work and in that of his protege, Lionel Morrison, an elegance of approach and attitude.

Example of Homes Architect E.G. Hamilton Designed

3616 Crescent Avenue, Dallas, Texas

This modern home was built in 2005 and a project of the architecture firm Merrill, Pastor & Colgan who have designed buildings all over the world. The home sits in the first section of Old Highland Park with many windows across the facade.

4133 Shorecrest Drive, Dallas, Texas