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Welch Pavilion at Lake

A house concert with a chamber music intimacy at the spectacular guest pavilion designed by architect Cliff Welch was a perfect way to kick off spring, celebrate the elevation of Cliff Welch to an AIA Fellow, and the re-emergence of Welch architecture as Cliff again concentrates his practice on what he loves most and does best, designing architecturally significant modern homes. At this beautiful and serene setting, we were able to hear the music of the talented Jackson Emmer, a singer and songwriter, and converse with many Cliff Welch clients who exchanged their reflections on how much they enjoy the modern home Cliff Welch designed for them. The modern home of Katherine and Bruce Winson on West Lake Highlands Drive is a home imbedded in every cyclist’s mind as it is always a treat to see it from the lake and is a reward for climbing the hill to see it up close. Thank you to all those who have retained Cliff Welch to design their homes so the rest of us can enjoy his work. Thank you to Joe McCall, FAIA, a brilliant modern architect and leader in his profession, for nominating and sponsoring Cliff to become an AIA Fellow, and to Cliff for his continued good work and contribution to the community. *Welch Pavilion at Lake

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